The case of the disappearing comments!

I love receiving your comments. THANK YOU!

They’re extremely valuable and often more thought provoking than my original post! And I appreciate all who give time to share their thoughts here.

So I’m very SORRY if you’re one of the people who’ve spent time doing that and then had your comment wiped. It wasn’t me! I didn’t even know it was happening until another reader alerted me through Twitter.

It seems to be a WordPress glitch. I’ve had quite a few recently. If anyone else has had the same do let me know – or have any tips about overcoming it that would also be helpful.

All these platforms are a wonderful way of expanding ideas – when they’re working that is. Frustrating when you’ve been tapping away then it all disappears, whatever forum you’re on.

I usually share the posts via Facebook so you can leave a comment there and let me know you’ve had yours wiped. I rarely take any off myself – think only had one occasion to do that, for they’re all valuable even the ones that disagree. Or email me (see the Who Am I? page) Or tweet @RMOUNTEY7 But please don’t give up!

It’s great to get a discussion going – everyone learns from it. (Hope you’re doing loads of that with the kids – it’s a valuable learning approach for them too. Discussion broadens minds, ideas, horizons, mental agility, education…)

I’m surprised that people sometimes ask if they can SHARE this stuff around; of course – that’s what it’s here for! Pass it on all you can.

Meanwhile, thank you for bearing with me. All contributions always welcome, it’s stimulating to be able to share ideas and hear yours. Hopefully normal service will return soon so keep your comments coming. If someone could try on this post and it doesn’t appear then please let me know if you can through other platforms – I’d be most grateful.

And thanks again for reading!

8 thoughts on “The case of the disappearing comments!

  1. I used to always type long comments as link backs to my own blog as I was so fed up with comments vanishing – but that was many years ago now and, as the software has improved, I got lazy again!

  2. Think the best remedy is that if you know you are going to do a long comment, then compose it in Word, or whatever, and then copy and paste it over.

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