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Random – stepping off….



Sometimes I follow the pathways of life.

Other times I remember I don’t have to and step off.

Why not give it a try!


Random – glums

holiday in Brighton march 028

The snag with going away is the glums that settle when I leave loved one behind and then confront my inbox! But I was thinking as I journeyed that we gad off places to save ourselves from doing things. Yet it’s doing things that ultimately saves you from yourself!

Random….. helping the planet but sadly not the rats!

birdtable 014

Thought I’d use this picture for my random weekend post: I’m trying to help the planet by putting the dog’s veterinary collar to reuse. But I’m afraid the rats will be losing out as I’ve erected it to stop them shinning up the bird table and nabbing all the birds’ food!  Good idea? What d’you reckon?

(Funny blurry picture from the window  – I never clean them!)

RWP – home educating never ends…

last of 2013 001

There really are times when you can take your enthusiasm for home educating and showing your kids the world too far! Decapitating a dead seal found on the shoreline, for scientific and creative purposes, was maybe one of them – her idea not mine!

Random Weekend Post – lucky snowdrops


I was looking at these snowdrops with raindrops on and feeling for all those poor people whose snowdrops are buried under water, along with their gardens, their homes and their lives and wanted to say how much I feel for you. We are among the lucky ones – hope your luck changes soon.

Random Weekend Posts

After all this posting about education, parenting and serious stuff I’ve decided I need to lighten up at weekends. Be a bit flippant, frivolous or profound! Who knows?

But I’m starting  occasional Random Weekend Posts just for the hell of it! Make of it what you will! Hope they move you or make you smile!

Here’s my first:

random pix 008

I saw this and thought;

Despite the rain, even the darkest seasons can reveal bright colours;

this is so true of life too!