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Weather for the brain!

What a tough challenge of weather! Storms Ciara and Dennis have made it grim to be out and this coming from someone who generally walks all weathers. It’s even been too much for me sometimes, let alone rather unsafe. But I get damn twitchy in body and mind shut inside for too long.

Just like the kids do.

I remember those twitchy little bodies on home educating days when it somehow happened that we didn’t get out under the sky – even if sky between buildings and not the usual green space we preferred. It made such a difference to moods when we got out, despite challenging weather. And made a huge difference to the atmosphere in the house when we got back. It was like a miracle. (There’s a little story about it in my book ‘A Home Education Notebook’ called The Outdoor Miracle which shows how this happened, even to the teenager!)

whatever the weather…

As modern day life and the constant prod of technology place ever more demands upon us, and create ever more stress, the need to get kids outside especially in green spaces is often in the media. And ever more urgent. How they need this for their health; physical and mental. How we all need it for our health, physical and mental; parents too.

We need to pay it attention. It’s crucial we set the example, even when it’s tough.

Research into our brain health and development constantly updates our understanding of our brains and the need for physical activity to promote brain and body health and well-being. They are all connected. And just like a healthy muscle needs the action of blood rushing round it to keep it fit, so too do our brains. And active body has a direct impact on the way the brain functions.

There’s an interesting article here which talks about that impact along with some ideas about getting them moving. Thought provoking, but like with everything on the net; be discerning! It isn’t all about raising smart kids as in the title, it’s about raising happy, well balanced kids and time outdoors, moving about, contributes to that. And is all part of their education.

So whatever the weather (as long as it’s safe) get outside for an active blast. Most kids find rain, winds, storms quite exhilarating if we promote them as such. And you’ll be ever so relieved you did when you get back. You too will experience the outdoor miracle!

Meanwhile I hope you haven’t suffered too much, my thoughts are with those of you who have!

Random Weekend Post – lucky snowdrops


I was looking at these snowdrops with raindrops on and feeling for all those poor people whose snowdrops are buried under water, along with their gardens, their homes and their lives and wanted to say how much I feel for you. We are among the lucky ones – hope your luck changes soon.


007  I’m sorry there’s been a shortage of freshly squeezed blogs lately.

We’ve had no phone or Internet connection for over a week now. And it’s not as if I can pop into an Internet cafe to work. It’s ten miles to the nearest town even if I was prepared to slither my way there over compacted snow and ice. Fresh falls forecast.

I’ve walked to our nearest neighbour’s occasionally to log on or send BT strong emails, but we are just one insignificant customer down the end of a single track lane on the edge of their world and they have bigger businesses to attend to no doubt. Add to that an intermittent mobile signal and these challenges can make us feel quite excluded from the modern world sometimes.

But the glory of rural living is that there are other treasures outside our door.

And it has also made me turn my attention to other things for a while; writing away from the disturbances of the Net and gallivanting off outside marvelling at the scenery beyond the challenges.

I’ve also had the delights of the youngest back here a bit who has helped me make a film of a short reading from ‘A Funny Kind Of Education’ which will soon be available on YouTube. We had a great laugh filming it, especially the bits I kept bungling, which she insisted on collating into a film of bloopers too. I can’t decide whether to release that or not; I have an image to maintain (!?) and bad language was involved! But she says I should. She says it shows the lighter side of the educational process – we were both learning after all and her learning days here whilst home educating were far more fun than serious. And as all you home educators know – the lighter the learning is the better it works!

Hopefully, more soon….