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A top up of a different kind

rain and sun july14 006

Lie on your back and watch the patterns of the day

August is singing at me. It’s causing me trouble staying in at the computer.

It heralds the dawn with purring doves and chinks of sunshine before I really want to be awake. But once I’m aware of it I’m far too stirred to stay shuteye.

It blossoms into a humming day. The morning dew dries, turns dripping greens to dusky yellows and the day shines right up until clear violet sunsets suggest a repeat performance tomorrow. All with birdsong and summer buzzing.

And the air – yummmmm – it’s luscious with the scent of trimmed lawns and cornfields, flowers, warm meadows and the odd whiff of cow. When it showers there’s a new fresh flavour of wet on dry land. Delicious! Sometimes I’m just standing drinking it in.

For sometimes, you just need some time with no agenda, to top you up after life expenditure. The kids do too.

And August is perfect for it.

Time for a book or game outside, a play in stream, pond, fountain or sea, a picnic in a breezy green park – sanctuary from arid pavements. Or simply time to lie on your backs under a tree and watch the patterns against the sky.

Just like storing a harvest of food for leaner months it stores up a harvest of outdoors and sunshine; therapy for winter. I’ll be devoting some time to the relish of it, so excuse me if I go AWOL.

And if you see someone standing still and breathing deep it might be me. Don’t think it strange; just getting the summer top-up that each and every one of us needs.

Don’t forget to reap yours!