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Small world ignorance

You’re walking along looking at nature and what do you see? flytipping 004

Two old sofas, a collection of cushions and a mattress. Nice!

I can never comprehend the mentality of people who do this. Who drive out to rural places and offload their unwanted junk.

Nothing identifies an uneducated ignorance more than this kind of behaviour.

Because it is ignorance. And a lack of the sort of education I meant when I said in the blog called ‘Another approach to Learning’ that education is only valuable if it’s transferable to living in responsible ways. Being educated to do that is far more valuable than any grades or GCSEs.

Children need to be educated about the natural world, how relate to it, to understand the bigger picture, understand our responsibility towards and dependency on that wider world, how that world is the essence of all that we have and all that we need for survival both personally and as a species.

Instead we seem to be perpetuating a mentality of small world selfishness; like how to get rid of junk from your own patch and sod everyone else.

Another illustration of this small minded ignorance was on the news; plant theft. Seems a bit bizarre that crimes against nature are newsworthy. But they are and the Sunday papers carried a piece about another one; stealing birds eggs.

These crimes are newsworthy because the balance and perpetuation of all species is important; it’s vital work that develops our knowledge of our world and the ecological cycles within it.

We are all dependent on the whole of the ecological balance and I would say that our children’s understanding of that is even more important than maths and English really. Our lives and survival depend upon it. But it is very easy to forget that, cushioned as so many are from the realities of nature’s world.

So surely that is exactly the reason why education about the natural world is even more essential.

Educating our children about ecological matters, about the impact humans have upon them, how we can reduce our footprint and maintain a balance between all living organisms, of which we are only one, is the responsibility of us all.

Preparing our sweet earth for next year's food

Preparing our sweet earth for next year’s food

Nature needs to be more than a walk in the park or a spider removed from kids’ lives. It’s the foundation of science and needs to be fundamental to all their learning and develop understanding that it is from nature that our lives spring, our food springs, our houses and our cities spring, where everything we own comes from. We are only one small part of that huge natural picture. One tiny, insignificant and humble part really and dependent on it for our life.

There is no understating our responsibility towards educating our children in that understanding, to instil nothing less than reverence and respect for nature and her cycles. To make sure that even though their worlds might be small, their mentality about it isn’t.

So get the kids out in nature at every opportunity, engage and learn as much as you can, then snuggle up and watch something like Autumnwatch.

And even if you don’t believe in rules in your parenting there’s s simple one that’s worth them knowing;

‘Take nothing from nature except photos and memories. Leave nothing other than footprints. Kill nothing other than time’!

I wish the wretched Fly Tippers who’d committed this awful crime had the mentality to understand why that’s so important!

And here’s a nicer view of nature – this year’s food happily harvested – to finish with.

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