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A reassuring gift for home schoolers

December has crept in and I guess I’m going to have to face up to it; Christmas is coming!

It’s not that I don’t like it. It’s just with pandemic restrictions we haven’t dared look forward or hope that our loved ones will get home to spend it with us. And that for me is what is so special about the season. It’s a season of love and togetherness, but the coronavirus could restrict that this year.

I also like giving gifts. I don’t enter into the manic and obscene crap buying and bin-bound accessories for Christmas that companies tell us we must have or we won’t do Christmas proper! I hate all that and cringe for the burden the earth has to bear for our indulgences. But I do like to give a meaningful present that someone wants, needs, or can enjoy, as a token of our loving and appreciation, two purposes of the festivities that can easily become obliterated by consumerism, throwaway tat and the misguided belief that more stuff is better.

It isn’t. Love and appreciation are the priorities, surely.

Anyway, if you do want to give a meaningful gift to a fellow parent, especially one who is dissatisfied with schooling, how about a story of a family doing it differently.

A Funny Kind of Education’ is a warm, funny, family story, with Christmasses and summers and all sorts of adventures in between. It’s easy to read, yet with plenty of thought provoking ideas about learning. A great fireside read – actually where some of it was written! And a good insight into a real home educating life. Do let me know if you read and enjoyed it!

And for those already home educating you could give them a bit of reassurance. That’s what readers tell me they get from my book ‘A Home Education Notebook’. On days when they’re having a massive wobble, they can pick it up and feel calmed.

There are some super reviews on Amazon for both, where you can buy them. If you want more of a ‘How To…’ which answers all the common questions about home educating choose ‘Learning Without School’. You’ll find more details on the My Books page on this site, including two books for those home educated littlies who like to read about someone like them who doesn’t go to school.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your Christmas preparations, despite the obvious restrictions, keeping in mind the needs of the earth as well as your own, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for being together.

Offer a bit of reassurance to your home educating friends

I’m not in favour of manic gift buying or trashing the planet all because of Christmas. But a thoughtful gift or two never goes a miss and if you’ve a home educating parent on your list, or a parent just considering it, then my books might be an idea.

‘A Funny Kind of Education’ is a book that makes you laugh and feel normal that you decided to home educate – as one reviewer put it. A warm family story with Christmasses by the cottage fire, so a perfect easy read to give a friend. Available through Amazon where you’ll find many positive reviews.

‘A Home Education Notebook to encourage and inspire’ is full of reassurance as well as tips and ideas about home schooling and how it can work so well. A book to dip into for those doubtful times! An ‘insightful, reassuring, informative and uplifting book’ one kind reader says on Amazon so just the book for a friend who has the occasional wobbles as we all do. Also available from Eyrie Press.

And not forgetting the littlies, there’s a story here about kids like them; ‘Who’s Not At School?’ with antics and experiments to make them laugh!

If you pop over to the My Books page (see above) you’ll be able to read more about these and others.

I wished there had been books like these when we were starting out on our home educating journey – which is exactly why I wrote them!