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To all mums everywhere

I guess there’s a few disappointed mums not getting to see their precious ones today because of the virus – I’m the same.

But it’s made me realise I have been so blessed!

Not only was I blessed with my own mum with whom I had such a wonderful relationship, but I also have a joyous relationship with my own children. Yes – they still speak to me even after being home educated! 😉

In addition to that I feel blessed because I know it’s a joy that not everyone has the opportunity to feel. I’m doubly lucky.

My relationship with my own mum whom you may have read about in my book ‘A Funny Kind of Education’ (see the Books page for more details) was filled with non judgemental friendship, warmth, love and unfailing support, with a helping of unorthodox fun thrown in. And respect too, which is of course manifest in all of those.

And through that relationship with her I had a good insight into how to be that kind of mum to my own children, how to grow that kind of unity, build the same strengths. I feel we’ve gone far in doing that, my grown up children tell me regularly, their loving and respectful actions speaking far louder than anything they may tell me.

Mumhood is incredibly tough – which is why I felt compelled to write a book about it. (See the Books page)

If you were to write a job description it would be nearly a book in itself. And probably no one would apply! It’s the longest job you ever do and in my eyes all mums are incredible for doing it. All mums are incredibly important – even though most don’t feel like it. But the whole world depends on them and I show exactly how in my ‘Mumhood’ book.

But to paraphrase that; it’s mostly the mums (and I acknowledge many dads do too), who are doing the basics of raising the next members of society, the next custodians of the planet, the next Ghandi or Greta Thunberg or David Attenborough, or maybe some small insignificant and unheralded being (in those terms), who will make just as significant a contribution as those more well known, who can send ripples of good we can’t foresee across the pool of the human race. That’s what mums have the potential to do.

And this blog is in celebration of that work which mums do which for the most part goes unnoticed and unrewarded yet is the most important job in the world. It’s in acknowledgement of the sacrifices mums make, the strength they have, the love they bring to the world, as they do their stuff.

So whether you’re treating your own mum, or being treated by your own children, think on that! And use it as an opportunity for you to celebrate the worth of all mums everywhere.

Enjoy it. Commemorate it. Pass it on! And I wish you all the joy and blessings that I have had.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Book offers: Celebrating ‘Who’s Not In School?’ and others

Back from the delights of Brighton Fringe and stunned as ever by Chelsea’s performance, not to mention production of the whole darn show along with her partner. Feeling in awe of their achievements and a little bit celebratory! Tearful stuff!

And this week also sees a celebration of another kind, along with Eyrie Press. 

It is three years since my first children’s book ‘Who’s Not In School’ was published by Bird’s Nest Books. I can hardly believe it, remembering back to when we were first discussing putting this book out there seems like only the other week!

It features Harry a home educated child who gets into all sorts of trouble because his desire to learn about and investigate his world is so strong it leads to inappropriate behaviour. So it was quite controversial and raised a few arguments. But he is basically like any other kid – schooled or not – full of the curiosity we parents need to manage, but not subdue!

In celebration of the anniversary of its publication the publishers have a give-away going on this week end so pop over here and take a look. And check out the 99p offer on kindle editions. You might get a great deal.

And enjoy your weekend.

Give yourself a Home Educating birthday!

Someone told me on social media recently that they were celebrating six years home educating. 002

I know there are families who’ve been going a lot longer than this but just one – or any number of years –  is an incredible achievement. Worth celebrating I’d say! Congratulations if you’ve come that far.

When you’re living the home educating life the days and events seem to drift on by in a daily bread sort of way with no particular benchmarks, so it’s easy to forget that what you’re doing is something to celebrate.

When we were tied up in school routines there were little regular achievements that marked the passing of time and events like grades or end of terms, which acted like benchmarks for celebration.

Although, as my faithful followers will know, I have no respect for test results and it was as much a feeling of relief as celebration when the end of a term came along. But there was no getting away from the fact that they brought the state of progress to our attention, marking either transitions or achievements. And this is something we can overlook when we home educate.

So it’s worth marking a date to celebrate in some way the mammoth achievement that home educating is. A year’s home education birthday is a great opportunity to do so. Have a cake. Congratulate yourself. Celebrate with friends.

When will you be celebrating yours?  Do share your celebrations, what you celebrate and how, I’d love to hear.





The sun goes quietly down on the shortest day

The sun goes quietly down without ceremony on the shortest day

What’s my Christmas look like? Warm and crackly with time by the fire, celebration that the shortest day is passed, walks and chats with my gorgeous girls all grown now, opportunity for a welcome rest from work for us all. And moments of complete peace, probably out where the wild wind blows and the sun settles its shoulders into a burnished horizon.

So before that happens am taking this opportunity to wish you all a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS. And to thank you once again for your treasured support.