You cannot force a child to learn…

I’m working on sharing ideas with pictures right now – I know it gets boring wading through print all the time!

Here’s my latest thought:

It’s something that most people never think about, as they threaten dire consequences to force kids to learn with sayings like; you’ll never have a life if you don’t do exams, or; you’ll fail in life if you don’t do your school work, or; if you don’t learn this now you’ll never have another chance. All complete balderdash – I’ve seen the opposite happen!

And anyway threats like this don’t work because, although children may be giving the impression of taking it in, it’s absolutely true that:

All you can do is provide the right environment, nourishment and encouragement; physical, mental and spiritual, give their roots and limbs room and time to expand and grow and connect, and let go….


6 thoughts on “You cannot force a child to learn…

  1. Love it, the words and the picture 🙂

    Yep, that idea that there’s just one chance and if you don’t get it then, well, you’re doomed, so sad. And what our children might actually be learning from force – maybe distrust, fear, a sense of inadequacy and so on, not what was likely intended and not what any of us want. Thanks for sharing, Ross.

  2. This is so so beautiful, so encouraging and so perceptive. I LOVE it so much that I want to share it with the world!!🙂

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