More important than Maths and English!

Why is it more important than Maths and English?

Because without you and your children taking care of the earth and understanding its needs as well as theirs and how to live sustainably, there won’t be a planet earth for them to learn maths and english on! Read more on this blog post here. This WILL affect your grand-family. It’s urgent!

Here’s an inspiring student who gets it: Greta Thunberg. She’s worth listening to: Her TED talk is here.

And there are other important side effects of taking care, discussed on this post here.

All worth thinking about and acting upon!

Please feel free to share the material here as widely as possible! The more who understand the better.

2 thoughts on “More important than Maths and English!

  1. This is pretty much what I have tried to instil in the children. While home educating we have followed a very nature based approach that saw us reduce plastic, plant bee happy flowers and take part in bird counts and the big garden watch. We have attended youth strikes for climate and have watched documentaries like the war on plastic. We never leave the beach without litter picking, and I don’t need to tell the children to do it, they’ve learnt from watching me.

    • That’s splendid! What a fab education! And what a brilliant attitude they’ll take out into the world with them! 🙂 Thanks for being here – I’ve enjoyed exploring your blog too.

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