Education is for life not just for school!

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I cringe when I hear people moaning about the kids ‘falling behind’ over the school holidays! It’s a seriously sad attitude to education. The only thing they fall behind is a adult system of testing and that’s not what education’s for.

As I often say; Education is for life not just for schools.

And as much happens out of school as it does inside it – actually more. For the kids are developing many personal skills vital for educational achievement anyway!

So give the kids a break and let them get on with their own personal education out of school while they can. And maybe consider that thousands of home educating families already successfully do so!

Meanwhile click here for a longer read to help understand that out of school learning.

5 thoughts on “Education is for life not just for school!

  1. The beauty of home-ed was the realisation that learning happens all the time and so there is no need for an imposed summer break anyway. It took us a while to understand that concept, but now we love that this is the truth for us!

  2. I agree Ross. Apparently the summer fall behind is a thing, where children forget what they have learnt over the summer and have to go over it again. That to me says that they didn’t really learn it!

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