Boldly into January

I have to admit I find post-christmas hard. I guess most people do. It’s the lengthy dark hours, the cold, the end of christmas holidays and sparkle that does it. Not to mention work and routine to be confronted.

But a fresh year’s start can also be a time for hope, for review, for new beginnings. Time for looking beyond these first difficult bits. To take stock and consider changes.

Everything always grows and changes – people too!

It was a good time to review family life and our home education I found. Investigate what’s working, acknowledge what’s not! Winkle out all those rancid ideas I might be clinging onto that had become out of date.

It’s often forgotten that no pattern, strategy or plan will work forever. The snag with kids is you find something that works, think you’ve cracked it, then everything changes again. Of course it does; they’re changing all the time. We have to renew along with them. And the education we facilitate has to change too.

In fact, that’s another aspect of education often overlooked; learning stuff is all about change really. About embracing change. Change of ideas, of mind, of knowledge. You have to change in order to learn something; you have to be prepared to slough off old ideas in order to accept new ones. Some people find that really hard. Thankfully the kids are more readily able to do that to accommodate the things they need to learn, adults perhaps less so. But we all need to embrace new ways of working, new skills and new understanding. And a new year is a great time to do so.

We all learn, grow, change constantly if you think about it – the kids, the mums and dads, the grandparents, the ambience in the home. It’s all in a constant state of flux. And that’s how it should be. We don’t need to cling onto old stuff, old routines, old habits, that no longer serve us well. We need to allow change. We need to notice it’s necessary! I often didn’t and created conflict in the house for that simple reason. So learn by my mistakes!

And as you venture boldly into January with your family, embrace the change of the year, acknowledge the children’s need to grow and change as they learn, and don’t be afraid of bold new thoughts!

There are all sorts of ways to live a family life. And all sorts of ways for kids to learn. We just have to remain open to things and prepared to go with the flow and flux and bold enough to implement what we believe in.

4 thoughts on “Boldly into January

  1. I got so much out of this article! Viewing our education days as ones of change is so important, as it gives us the power to alter and personalise the direction their education is going. I have spent a couple of weeks reflecting on the changes we want this year. And, of course, the kids are involved with this too, as this is their education we are talking about. I realise that the curriculums presented in such a boring, dry way just didn’t do it for them. They did what was required, memorised, and then promptly forgot about it once the ‘box was ticked!’ But through play, and by following their interests, passions and hobbies, visiting places, and doing hands-on projects, they not only learn enthusiastically, but they simply can not forget the knowledge and skills that are linked to their passions. Still, it IS hard for me to throw out ‘old thoughts’ on education/ proof of education as seen and accepted in society today, even though I can see how detrimental these old ways are to their learning. I am, after all, a product of the very system. I am trying to firmly shove those thoughts out of the way though! The kids are thriving and viewing each day with enthusiasm because they are learning through what they love. This year we hope to embrace more of this! Less ticking the box, more TIME, more ENERGY, and more ENTHUSIASM for what they love, and with us supporting them in this vision. And I hope to change and adapt as needed, as long as I can keep those old, dusty and irritating thoughts out of our way-they seem to linger where they are not wanted.

  2. Warmest wishes for 2019 Ross and thank you for your continued words of support and encouragement.
    We’ve found the turning of the year a natural time to review everything we learn at home too (much more so than the beginning of a school academic year). The winter seems to be a time for inward reflection (my husband says it is an inner and underworld time), so as the days start to get a bit longer now, those reflections start turning into action. My daughter has conjured up new stories in her mind that she now feels need writing, my son has new music just starting to be composed. It reminds me that we are part of nature and following the same cycles, waking up slowly after needed rest (and not monotonous machines with one constant action mode of existence).
    All the best!

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