Home Ed kids on Home Ed

Someone recently asked it there were any videos of home educated kids talking about their home education experiences.

So I had a quick ask around and came up with a few which I thought I’d share here. Because wouldn’t that be a great resource? The more we have from the youngsters themselves on their experiences, the better illustration of how well home schooling works. (And I use that term lightly – not philosophically. Read why here)

It also shows that home educated kids are just normal every day kids and are not weird, anti-social or unable to communicate which are among some of the accusations the ignorant aim at the approach.

I know some parents are really anxious about show casing their home education. We all fear the threatening politics that would try and curb our rights. (Read a bit about it on this site)

But if we can be brave, if we can demonstrate how well it works in contrast to an education system that is becoming increasingly broken and unhealthy for many, the more people, parents and politicians will understand our aims and approaches.

Here’s a couple of films I found on Youtube:

From YouTube; Home Education, What’s that about?

10 things We Love about Home Ed

I Don’t go to School

And a very inspiring young man speaking at a TEDx event; Hackschooling makes me happy

And a more generic one my daughter did for me a while ago now; What’s Your View of Home Education?

There are plenty more on Youtube by parents and families like this one; Home Education – what’s that about?.

If you know of any more that the children have done about their experience, especially talking about their friends and social connections, do share in the comments below!

And your youngsters may even feel like making their own… 🙂



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