Another teacher wants out…

so many now disillusioned with school

It’s not just parents of school children who are disillusioned with the education system and moving away from it. It’s the teachers too as we regularly read about.

And you have to wonder why that is.

I was talking to another young teacher recently who, despite her ‘outstanding’ teaching, was also looking to leave the classroom behind as she’d become so disillusioned with the job.

I asked her why she wanted out. And this is what she told me:

I’m leaving after five years, firstly because of workload. We work from 7:30-5pm Monday to Friday then at least one day spent working at the weekend, plus planning at home during the holidays.

Plans are incredibly in depth for every lesson and to resource and deliver them, with children’s work then assessed and tracked continuously, becomes overwhelming. That’s not to mention the ongoing threat of Ofsted, being observed by senior leaders, the continual change of plans for various visitors and then the complete lack of engagement by parents. Plus this year funding has been cut so drastically that many teachers are spending their own money trying to resource their lessons.

Secondly, there’s just so many lessons being taught everyday that children are being inundated with so much technical information there’s little time to consolidate or reflect. All this is tricky in a well behaved class but when some children in mainstream education have specialist or mental health needs, the teacher must use even more time to differentiate or manage that behaviour which means other children are being left out. The alternative leaves those children who need the most support being looked after by teaching assistants who have the least experience.

Finally and more importantly though, I’m leaving because I just feel that mainstream education, which focuses on attainment and targets and tests, is outdated and doesn’t prepare children for today’s world. I believe that education should be child-led; that it should be brought out of the classroom, yet without another overhaul of the system. I don’t see how that’s possible. So, I can’t stay working to the bone in a system I can’t get behind and I no longer believe in.

So sad that our children are going to lose another inspirational teacher, like so many already lost. (See this article here).

It says an awful lot about the system when, not only do parents feel they want to leave it behind and provide something different for their kids through home educating, but there are so many professionals abandoning it too!


8 thoughts on “Another teacher wants out…

  1. Having taught at both a public and a private school, I can tell you personally about how big a difference it makes when the state is not breathing down your neck and teachers have some level of freedom. (I actually just wrote a series of posts about the importance of freedom in the classroom!) What you are saying is so true and such an issue in education. If the great teachers leave, it is not only our children but also our society that suffers as these children become adults.

  2. It IS sad. I find that my biggest supporters of Home Education have been teachers! And they are not just verbally supportive. One retired teacher even gave me his collection of personal supplies recently,including grammar books,dictionaries, his notes,and a thesaurus because he loved what we are doing! The one thing I note about the comment in the article about the ‘lack of parental engagement’ is that after having our children in the school system for 20 years, and seeing changes we did not agree with, it was very difficult to support and engage with a system that was not benefitting our children,and where we did meet to alter this, the teachers were held back by the system. Our children were becoming increasingly unhappy. Now I have enthusiastic learners full of energy from the huge amount of time they spend outdoors in nature, and socially they are more confident as they are engaged in the community with people of ALL ages throughout the day.

    • Much appreciate you taking the time to leave your comment Dawn, thanks so much. Great to have your views. (To clarify for those who didn’t see the original responses on Facebook the ‘enthusiastic learners’ spoken of above are home educated!)

  3. Yes, that’s me. I applaud that teacher for following her heart. It’s scary to give up a well-paid profession that you trained for. I know my standard of living went down but it was worth it because money isn’t everything. Peace of mind counts for a lot.

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