Warning: I’m about to be blunt.

It’s not often I get angry. In fact parents have often said to me how patient I am. Some told me they wouldn’t have enough patience to home educate.

But the children rarely made me angry. They’re children; they’re learning and they’re not finished yet. Why would I be angry with that?

What really makes me seethe with fury is the ignorance of those who are grown up, those who should know better, those who are supposed to be setting an example for these young people to learn by.


A definitive example of ignorance!

Walking along the footpath that weaves it’s way through the trees and hedges in a delightful tunnel, which offers shelter from the open flat landscape here and the cut of the ever present wind, I come across two plastic bags hanging in the trees.

This is not that uncommon. We all see them blowing about the landscape and caught among the branches.

These weren’t like that though. These were two bags of dog poo that someone hung there.

Now it’s bad enough leaving dog poo for others to tread in, especially on pavements. But at least on the earth in wild places it decomposes. But poo that is bagged up in plastic and then chucked down, unable to decompose, demonstrates complete ignorance. Even worse, this act of ignorant desecration beats it all. As if the perpetrator thought it was someone else’s duty to clean up after them and collect the bags – even in remote places.

What I can’t understand is why someone, who I assume wouldn’t leave bags of shit in their own environment, i.e. their home, feels it’s okay to do so in the wider one. And in a place I assume they walk because they value it; I’ve also seen dog poo bags hung on fences and stiles – is this how we treat places we value? How irresponsible is that?

For whether it’s our home, our garden, our city pavements, our countryside, or the wider world, desecrating it like this is NOT OKAY! We’re responsible for ALL of it.

That’s what folks seem so ignorant about; the fact that’s it’s ALL our world, from our personal spaces to our planet.

And this is why we need to teach our kids to LOOK AFTER their world. Their bedroom world, their home, their town, their park, their planet.

Surely this is a fundamental of any education. A habit of care and an understanding of how this serves us. And of the fact that NO ONE should be cleaning up after us – we are ALL responsible for our own shit.

We can care all we want about learning facts for exams. But how important is that in the wider perspective of not giving a turd about the places we live in which support our learning lives, about environmental issues? This is a responsibility as much as learning anything is.

Teaching our kids about the little things personal to them, teaches them also a habit of taking care that will ripple out into the wider sphere.

And it’s OUR OWN ACTS WHICH EDUCATE. It’s a responsibility every grown up has.

So hopefully the next generation will grow up with the intelligence to understand why care of our environment, personal and planetary, is important, why it impacts on us all, and why it’s not okay to hang plastic bags of dog shit in trees.

(Sorry if the language offends – it gets like that when I’m angry!)

18 thoughts on “Angry!

  1. My husband is often subjected to rants on this subject. I genuinely can’t comprehend it. I’ve also seen in the news that it has killed several horses where their stomachs have been full of these bags and they obviously can’t be digested.
    Don’t own a dog if you’re not going to do everything you can to clear up after it.

  2. I love your post! I get it completly. As a dog walker I often end up carrying back other people dog’s poo as I’ve found it hanging around in bags which really disturbs me. I always carry way more poo bags than I need and often pick up ones I think people will walk in because I know how horrible that is. Once when my eldest was little we were in a park area and my son was having a lovely time running around in bare feet. I saw a man walk past with his dog , saw the dog do a poo and saw the man walk on and not pick it up, even though he saw the dog do a poo. I was so angry , but not brave enough, in front of all those people to go and say something to him. I got my penalty for not doing that though as seconds later my son walked right in it, with his bare feet!! That taught me a lseson!

  3. I don’t geddit. If you are going to carry bags, bend down, pick it up and risk soiling your hands then tie it up why then leave it on a bush? It’s just so pointless and ridiculous!

  4. As a dog owner, this drives me nuts too. Why go to the bother of buying poo bags and picking the poo up, only to leave it lying around?! It makes absolutely no sense. (Even worse is the amount of dog poo literally within feet of a poo bin, but just left there. Urgh!) I always have poo bags with me, there are no excuses šŸ˜¦

  5. You are absolutely right Ross! We see it a lot down here to, a beautiful part of the world laden with dog poo bags and people watching their dogs do it on the beaches and just walking away.

    Thankfully our kids have already begun to cotton on to the fact we don’t own this world and it deserves our care and thought x

  6. You are right Ross, it is quite unlike you, and so more emphatic when it comes out. But you are not alone, both myself and Marcus Brigstock hate it and he has it in his stage routine to show his disgust. And what’s worrying is the message/education they are giving out to their friends and family.

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