Short days and earth songs

The coming of today's dawn

The coming of today’s dawn

When it got to June I panicked. It’s because I then know it’s less than a month till the longest day when the daily dose of light begins to dwindle again. And light is important to me. It’s important to everyone in fact, but most don’t seem to feel it, or recognise it, as I do. Most manage city lives without this awareness of the earth’s natural rhythms.

I don’t reckon this is healthy. If we’re not aware of the earth we’re not sensitive to its needs as well as ours. When we’re not sensitive we can pollute and desecrate as if it didn’t matter.

What will we leave our kids then? The scenario from the Michael Jackson Earth Song video.

Understanding the earth is one of the most important parts of education surely. Far more important than Grammar or spelling, how many wives King Henry the Eighth had and in what order. We can live without knowing those things – we can look them up. We can’t live without awareness of the planet or there will be no food, no resources, no light, no kings and queens to learn about.

It’s essential our children respect the earth and to do that they need to be connected to it.

Connecting with it at this time of the year is not without its challenges.

But worth it, so get the gloves, hats and thermals out and get the kids out there. There is always something to be fascinated by, discover, experience. And you’ll enjoy being back inside all the more afterwards. (Here’s a site to explore) (And another)

And now it’s December we can take comfort from the fact that it will soon be the shortest day of the year. And a few days after that we’ll be blessed with more light hours each day – well – minutes to start with, but it will inevitably happen.

And it will continue to happen for as long as we are sensitive to the earth’s needs as well as our own – something to remember over Christmas.

For the most meaningful present we could ever give is remembering to be sensitive and respectful through all the present giving, dustbin-filling, wasteful practices and over eating! Help your children understand that our love for the earth is as important as our love for one another; that without it we would not be here.

Ask them how can they help it this Christmas?

Christmasses will come and go – only as long as the earth goes on forever. That’s down to us and our children and our children’s children and so on…and only if we’ve educated them to understand that the earth needs love and has its own song to sing.

9 thoughts on “Short days and earth songs

  1. Hi Ross,
    I am so with you on your message of let’s encourage our children to learn about what’s important! If we don’t have a healthy earth, we have an unhealthy home. If we don’t have a healthy body, how can we reach our full potential?
    I was thinking about your first paragraph. I’m the same. Light is very important to me. I know you feel the need to go outdoors every day. Same here.
    I know many people who don’t feel like this and I think I have the key.
    There is a lady called Carol Tuttle who noticed that different people have different priorities and move through life with different energy profiles. She came to the conclusion that there are four types of energy expressions. She called them (very imaginatively) One, Two, Three & Four.
    You may find it interesting to explore this idea. It’s not really about personality because that can be shaped by how our parents think we should be. It’s more about our own true nature.
    I hope it’s ok to post her free course here. It’s fun and informative and I have to admit that it took me a year to come to terms with my own true nature because of my mother’s programming of what was acceptable to her.

    • Thank you very much for your contribution Patricia, it’s always welcome. I shall indeed look forward to exploring that resource. Hope you manage to get the space and outdoors that you need to thrive and heal from your programming! Which point always makes me ask; what unhealthy programming did we inflict on our kids?!

  2. Lovely 🙂 our Steiner/Waldorf home ed is all based around the seasons. I think it’s so important we keep a close connection with the Earth in this way. Although I do admit to preferring the darker months (I’m in the minority, I know 😉 ) x

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