A hug from me

20161012_175742 Sometimes I stand on the step so I can be taller than my daughter.

This is not for egotistical purposes, honest!

It’s just so I can put my arms around her shoulders in an all enveloping hug. And she can put her arms around my middle like she did when she was a child.

Doesn’t matter how old they are or how tall they grow, or even how loving the arms of boyfriends, they still know there’s nothing like a mum-hug to help ease the stresses of adulthood.

And how lucky I am to be looked to still to provide it.

No one is ever too old for a reassuring hug. But sometimes we get too busy to prioritise them.

No one is ever too tall or too grown up. And it doesn’t matter what gender – boys need them just as much and everyone needs to be tactile. Technology can’t do tactile, that’s one thing at least we still need to be human to provide! Lets not be on our technology so much we forget to be tactile. Life could easily become totally virtual.

Even grown up friends and I swap mum-hugs when that’s what’s needed and there are empty arms needing to be filled. We have the need both to receive and give hugs. Nothing shares an empathy or love like a hug does. Nothing soothes as much or feels as good.

My youngest popped back for one earlier. I see how many I can get in before she goes again. And I did stand on the step!

Someone said recently that my books feel like a hug. When life is challenging and they dip into them, that’s what it feels like they tell me. I think that’s one of the most endearing compliments I’ve ever received; I feel truly honoured. Couldn’t wish for anything better when that’s what I’d hoped they’d feel like, along with the odd tip of course, but perhaps that’s not as useful as a hug sometimes!

So if you’re in need today consider this another one. I’m just sorry not to be giving it in person!

4 thoughts on “A hug from me

  1. How lovely. Thanks. I’m living on my own now and didn’t realise how I missed touching until a few weeks ago a friend’s dog snuggled into the chair with me when I was visiting. It felt so good. Then last week I was playing with a three-year-old and she climbed on top of me. It was another shock to realise that I had been missing the human touch.
    It must be especially hard to live alone for those whose love language is touch. That’s why having a pet is so important I think.
    Fortunately, my children are sorted. One has a family and the other is a nanny.
    I agree though that nothing beats a mum hug if you have a good relationship. Hugs between me and my own mother always felt weird. I’m glad that hugs between me and my own children have been frequent and good when we have been within touching distance.

    • Thank you very much Patricia, lovely comment. I agree, human touch is so essential for our well being. And how lovely that you managed to get over the difficulties in your early relationship with your mum and make hugs part of your parenting! We have to get in as many as we can when we’re with the youngsters! 🙂

    • How great to hear that you do the same in your household! Funny to hear about the step thing too! 🙂 We’re on the same wavelength obviously. I bet you need two steps with Will!!

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