Talking about home education and how it could work for you

Just in case you haven’t seen it, and whilst I’m having a little break, you might like to pop across to YouTube and listen to me talk about home education and how you can make it work for you! It talks about the usual issues; socialising, how the children learn, how to go about it.

It’s called ‘Home Education – Can I really do it?’ And shows how you possibly can:


And there are several books on the My Books page which you also might find helpful, for both beginners and those who’ve been going longer term and just need a bit of a boost!

My work is here to support parents and children for whom school doesn’t work too well and show how there are other valid ways to educate, so peruse, use it and share it as much as you like! The more it’s out there the more awareness will be raised of the fact that children do not have to suffer for an education; if they’re suffering with the school way – there are alternatives!


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