A bit excited…


My new book – out by the end of the month

It’s a while now since our home educating days. Even longer since we started all those years ago and not without an amount of anxiety and trepidation. But that was soon overcome with the delight and joy in seeing the children flourish, learn and develop without school. (You can read the story in ‘A Funny Kind of Education).

They’re grown up now but it’s not as if education ever ends really, as our children knew. It goes on throughout life; they learn, research, adjust, experience, develop, all the time.

The best thing they learnt from home education was that learning doesn’t necessarily need to have nothing to do with school or school years, but is something they can continue for themselves as part of their personal growth, wherever they are, whatever time in life.

They still come to me for guidance and wisdom on occasion. But I find that often, with their contemporary experiences, they’re wiser than me and teach me things. Thus our learning journeys are reciprocal.

Over all the time we were home schooling I was writing about our experiences; how we learnt, insights into education, what we learnt about learning itself, and children’s general and personal development. But a lot of that writing was in a variety of other places and pre my blog and books, although it influences what appeared there. So I’ve been working recently on a book of pieces from that inspirational time, collating it all in one place so you don’t have to go searching but can keep it to hand.

This is a book of comfort and reassurance for all you inspirational parents already home educating (and those who want to) who might just need a little personal help through a wobbly day, with ideas about how we tackled various issues, like panicking, losing perspective, socialisation, dealing with others waving school style results under your noses, too much gaming, LA visits, keeping yourself sane and normal!

Because I know from doing it and being in turmoil myself at times that it’s the parents who need support as much as the children. In fact, I discovered that – and at the risk of a generalisation – if you take care of yourself the children’s education will follow and flourish.

And I’m excited to tell you that it is to be published very soon with Bird’s Nest Books. If you sign up to their newsletter you’ll get to know when. Or keep popping back here for updates.

And perhaps I could just say how much I’ve appreciated all the support shown for my books and my work throughout those years. Without your wonderful encouragement, writing would be an even lonelier place than it already is at times.

So heartfelt thanks – you’ll find more of those in the book’s preface – for I want you to know how much you’re appreciated.

16 thoughts on “A bit excited…

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      • You’re very welcome, always happy to give support!

        I have a review copy winging it’s way here when it’s ready looking forward to spreading the word further 🙂 x

  3. Just found your comment on my blog, thank you for popping in. I often wonder if all the info that’s around now had been available in 1992 would I have carried on Home Educating for longer than the 6 months. We did it mainly to save changing schools twice and the two eldest were keen to get back to school once we had settled.
    I guess you can only do what you believe to be right at the time and all 3 children have jobs and homes which is the main thing.

    • Thanks so much for your comment and for being here, and I believe you’re right – the connectivity via the Internet has increased both awareness and confidence in home education enormously. You’re also right in saying that all parents must do what they feel is right at the time and it sounds like it’s worked out right for yours. All the very best. x

  4. I have just found your blog and you and this book has come at the perfect time for me. We have been home educating for nearly seven years and come September my eldest will not start secondary school. I coped with the comments when we first started way back then and have been confident about what we have done in those years. It took me a while to work out in my own head why secondary school was not going to work either, but nothing has prepared me for the comments I have received now that our decision has been made. Lucky for me I have a wonderful local home ed community who are so supportive which I hope will make the coming years a little easier! I will be seeking out a copy of your book when it is published as it sounds like it will give me just what I need right now!

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