Interview on Radio Suffolk

Presenter Etholle George from Radio Suffolk

Up early on Friday to contribute to a programme on home education. Not without trepidation as often when I’ve done them in the past it’s been more the case of defending myself from attack – and ignorance. This time it was a real pleasure to respond to genuine interest. So thank you to Etholle George for the opportunity to talk about it, share information and for being so interested.

Home schooling is increasing dramatically – not surprising with the worrying debacle in schools lately. It would not suit every family obviously. But for those who enjoy being with their children and helping them learn about their world, which is after all what education is for rather than just learning for tests, it is an inspirational way to facilitate their education. Not once did we ever regret our decision – although we often regretted not doing it sooner!

You can listen to me talking about it here on Radio Suffolk at 37:37 and later in the programme an interview with home educator Jax Blunt and her family who blogs at Live Otherwise at 02:08:40

The community continues to grow!


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