Home educating was the best thing…

‘What was the best thing about home educating?’ someone asked me the other day. poppies and girls 6-14 033

Where do I start – so many good things…

  • the opportunity for the children to be able to learn uninhibited
  • the opportunity for the children to have some say over their learning and education
  • choice
  • some say over who the children mixed with and how they were treated
  • the opportunity for the children to be out learning in the real world instead of being shut away from it and just learning about it second hand
  • to have plenty of time to learn about their own well being, what they were good at, what turned them on, and encourage the habits that supported those things
  • to have the opportunity to make learning interesting, practical, exciting and fun
  • to be the ones who watched our children blossom, even in the tiniest ways, rather than a stranger who would have probably have missed it anyway
  • to have the opportunity to make learning a part of living and not something separate from it
  • meeting an individual and diverse bunch of stimulating, non-judgemental people and have them to share it with
  • to give the children plenty of experiences to support their education
  • to be able to approach learning in a way that suited the child rather than the child being made to suit the approach
  • the opportunity for the children to learn anything, any time, all the time if they wanted, any how and anywhere
  • and to be able to rescue the kids from the uninspirational drudgery that school presented as learning, which was killing of their desire to learn at all along with their happiness and their vibrant personalities
  • to get our recognisable kids back
  • finally the opportunity to enjoy a united family life

So many things…I could go on and on. Do please add yours in the comments


2 thoughts on “Home educating was the best thing…

    • Thanks Jules, lovely to have you here. And I was just having a little excursion round your blog at the same time! Lovely to know my posts help! I’m actually working on an anti-wobble HE book at the mo – out later in the spring! x

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