There are no guarantees – but there IS growing evidence…!

It would be so wonderful if we could guarantee that home education works, wouldn’t it?

Of course we can’t.

BUT we do now have evidence of home education working for others as they graduate into the world following their home ed years with qualifications, work, jobs, businesses, and some starting families of their own already. Proof that they do turn out to be nice people, educated, sociable people, and are liked and fairly ‘normal’ if that’s the word. Doing normal things in normal society and don’t turn out weird as some suggest they will be.

So I just thought I’d remind you of that.

My two lovelies Aug last year - difficult to get a pic these days

My two lovelies when we were all together last year – difficult to get a pic these days!

And there is another point that you might find equally comforting if you’ve visited here looking for reassurance as I know many readers do. It’s the fact that, just as there are no guarantees that home education will work out okay, there are NO guarantees that school will work out okay either. So which is the biggest risk?

So instead of looking for guarantees maybe have a think about these things instead;

  1. Home education can be completely flexible. Which means that whatever is not working you can change to suit your child – can you do that in school?
  2. Guarantees wouldn’t be any use anyway because children and young people develop and alter constantly so nothing can be predicted. In school your child would be signed up for one predicted route irrespective of whether it suited them as they grew and changed. Look at your child and look at the world and head towards how they’re going to get together in ways that serve them both well.
  3. Other parents who wobbled about their ability to home educate especially as the children grew older phoned a friend, asked others, researched, found support, kept on going, backed off sometimes and made a success of it anyway. I knew a quite a few – me included. All our kids are fab young people doing things with their lives – I’m not the only one who says so – that’s backed up by comments from their colleges, colleagues and Unis.
  4. And what is your definition of success? Life is made up of tiny little successes as we go along – as unpredictable as your child’s development will be. No guarantee of success whatever you do in school or out. If education is a happy inspiring process they’ll use it to create success in whatever they need to do.
  5. Don’t look for guarantees, learn to trust instead. Trust in your ability as a parent to raise intelligent and thinking people. Trust, also, in your youngsters’ own intelligence to become educated young people with something to offer. I’m sure they will be. We’ve seen it happen so many times before.

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