It’s alright for you but could I home educate?

“Have you ever thought about doing a talk about home education?” my friend asked.

I think I may have snorted derision! Not the kindest thing to do.

“Are you joking?” I responded. “It’s taken me all this while to emerge from my writing cupboard and publish stuff, there’s no way I’d manage an audience”.

How I ever spawned a performer as a daughter I’ll never know. It’s alright for her but…

“But you have so much to say” she persisted.

“Yea, but chatting one to one is different. I could gab on about home education forever when people are truly interested, and it’s different one to one, isn’t it? A talk is just not for me”

I retreated to the back of the cupboard again and we changed the subject.

But once the seed of an idea is thought there’s no un-thinking it is there! And even writers get bored of writing stuff all the time.

There’s so much to say and do to help raise awareness of this option of educating, I argued with my cupboard myself, so many who might just stumble here in desperate need of something different to school. Being quiet about it doesn’t help them!

Steven Hawkins says that it is often the quietest people who have the loudest minds. And sometimes my mind is so loud and random that the written word can be too slow for getting it all out. And maybe I could just give it a go and talk to an empty room.

It’s a start.

So I’ve had a go talking to an empty room! Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 21.43.47

It’s not perfect, I make some mistakes, but like with educating it doesn’t matter because I’m learning from them, like children do. And anyway, you don’t have to be perfect to successfully home educate.

And as part of this Monday series for those fairly new to home schooling the question I’m asking is;

Home Education: Can I really do it? (Watch it here)

If you watch it, you’ll see why you can.

18 thoughts on “It’s alright for you but could I home educate?

  1. Well done Ross for stepping out of your comfort zone to support people even further. You are such a great support to new and seasoned home educators. I really appreciate you and your constant encouragement!

    • So nice to know it’s helpful Michelle. Thank you very much for popping here and telling me. Yes, do share it far and wide so more people understand home education. All the best. x

  2. I love your video, you friend is right. I’ve posted it on the two facebook home ed groups that I am on as I think there is often quite a few people who join the groups as a way of finding out if home ed is for them. I am a step behind you, as a few friends have asked me why I don’t write all the things I talk about, and I havn’t have the confidence to put the things that I think about down on paper for anyone else to read! Like you , I have a very busy and questioning mind, so I have decided to write articles for myself, as suggested to me by a friend who knows where I am at!!

    • Thanks for the compliment Frances. And for sharing – that’s exactly what it’s for – to give those looking for encouragement some support! And good luck with the writing. Just go for it and as a quote I regularly come across says stop worrying about getting it right just get it written! All the best. x

  3. I hope to encourage you in your venture into public speaking…you are a calm and steady presence and you communicate beautifully, with such a reassuring tone that I think on one’s wobbly days in home education, you would be perfect to turn to and enable one to steady and focus again on the reasons why home ed works.Thank you!

    • Wow! What wonderful encouragement – thank you very much. And for your endorsement too, as to help people retain focus and calm is exactly why I do it. So a double thank you for your reassurance! Much appreciated. x

  4. this has made me smile this morning, well done Ross!

    how lovely to see and hear you via video 🙂 more please 🙂 xxx

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