Even Celebs are choosing to Home Educate!

Nadia and her lovely girls

Earlier in the week there were several papers covering the news about Nadia Sawalha revealing that she was another parent who home educated.

It was lovely to have some positive coverage among the ignorant dross that’s usually trotted out by people who’ve no experience of home schooling. (Like the other presenters on ‘Loose Women’ who discuss it here all of whom are under the usual misconceptions like; kids who haven’t been used to getting up in the morning won’t be able to go to work!)

But it will help to raise awareness of this option for families whose children are not thriving in school.

And there are all sorts of reasons for that; for not thriving. Most of which generally have nothing to do with learning and education, and much to do with the school climate, the prescriptive nature of enforced learning matter and means, the obsession with testing and measurement – not particularly helpful to the learner themselves, and the neglect of individual intelligence in favour of a generic cloning.

And another thing – many, many of us would not thrive or reach our potential in a school atmosphere with masses of others where we feel threatened and put down, where despite government promises needs are not met. They can’t be, simply because of the corporate business that a school is, with so many to cater for. And the vote hungry politics which makes it so.

What’s so deplorable about this is that parents are made to feel there’s something wrong with children who need a different kind of atmosphere from that horrid hubbub of school in which to learn. School is fine if it suits – horrendous if it doesn’t. These kids are not necessarily cowards, softies, introverts or ‘special’ as they’ve been called – they are discerning! And many of the home educated kids who I know, who were removed from school because they hated it for that very reason, have gone on to be productively working adults with better social skills than many school grads.

After watching the Loose Women clip, particularly the suggestion that kids without structure won’t get up in the morning, my youngest who was home educated from the age of 6 commented that it was always the school kids who were late for college or lectures at Uni where she was always punctual despite this ‘lack’ of schooling structure. As Nadia said; home educated children take their learning on board for themselves unlike than those who’ve had it imposed on them and have therefore no idea how to be independent.

What I find most interesting about the idea of celebrities choosing home education (Emma Thompson another one) when they could presumably afford a ‘really good’ private school, is that whatever a ‘really good’ school may be these parents find their children need something different from a school experience. And it is the schooling that most want to get away from. Usually so they can get on with the real business of learning in an uplifting, inspiring and life-enhancing way.

Which is fundamentally what education is about.


15 thoughts on “Even Celebs are choosing to Home Educate!

  1. Thanks for this wonderful blog – I home schooled my three for four years – they are now in mainstream school mainly because my eldest got to the age where he wanted to – and ostensibly thriving. I still believe however the UK system is dreadfully inept and failing children daily. I remain wholly committed to home schooling and my ultimate dream of starting my own school. Blogs like yours keep me edified. Well done and thank you !

    • Thank you very much – super you visited. It’s great when school works for those who want to use it, but good to have an alternative if needed. How lovely to start your own ‘school’! I imagine it would have the best of both worlds!

  2. Nice in theory but people are forgetting the financial side of home schooling. Of course celebrities like Nadia could afford to do this but not everyone can. To be honest these constant articles about home schooling is going to make parents feel bad that they can’t do this for their kids as they have to go to work to make ends meat, and cant afford a tutor.

    • Thanks for commenting Danielle. No One should feel guilty about their choices – as you can imagine, home educators are often made to feel the same for not sending their children to school! And actually it’s nice to have some positive media coverage as what we mostly get is the negative, like in the recent case of the child with scurvy. Most home educators manage on very tight budgets, without tutors and without the financial resources the rich and famous have, which is a challenge. But a good education is not really about cost – it’s about good relationships and facilitating stimulating experiences most of which can be free. Everyone is different and we need a variety of provision, but no one wants to make others feel they cannot make the individual choices necessary to fulfil their own circumstances the best they can. Thanks again for visiting. All good wishes.

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  4. Ross your blog remains inspiring. Around my area of residence , it still remains school or nothing. Whether it working or not. And you see people complaining bitterly about the school system and it effect on their kids, but yet feeling helpless.
    But promised my self , i wont be among the statistics that will just manage the statusquo. Am like a lonely tree in my area homeschooling and your words have come as a great support. Am a subscriber to you blog. Thanks Ross thumbs up

  5. fantastic words Ross, as you may remember i am a huge fan of yours after reading your book ‘A funny kind of education’ when i first started our HE journey last year. I messaged you then saying how much it helped (and still does) and reading this article helps also. It makes us all feel united and appreciate that we are all doing the right thing for our child/ren xx

    • Thank you Deb. So kind of you to say and I much appreciate you taking the time to tell me! That’s really encouraging and I’m delighted you enjoyed the book. Do share that wherever you can and perhaps it will help more people feel able to turn to HE if school isn’t working for them! Thanks again. x

  6. When parents are in the throes of Heing even the most positive ones can be made to feel a little worried about the uneducated comments that are thrown about concerning Home Education. However, when your child has moved on and you can’t believe how well they are doing, you can give a big sigh and think ‘yeah – bring it on – I’ll show you who is talking out of their arse’. Am I allowed to say arse on here?

    • So glad you dropped in and said arse – it was completely relevant! Thanks for your great comment and congratulations on your son doing so well moving on now into other things! Just shows how well Home Ed works!

  7. I love it that you are a home educator whose children have grown up so you have the time and space to write about the things we think about. I am sure I am not the only one who is helped and supported enourmously by reading your words. Thank you for the work you do, it is so valuable. I followed the link to the interview on Loose Women. Nadia was so eloquent and spoke the words that I would so love to speak in public but have never had the confidence to, she will reach so many people with her message.

    • Thank you Frances. Such a lovely comment and I’m chuffed you took the time to leave it here. That’s so heart-warming to know – you’ve made my day. Have a great day too. xx

  8. I’m so glad I don’t have to go to school these days – I was so fortunate as to go to small schools in Germany when I was a kid, and things were very different. Then education was still about instilling the desire for life long learning. Now it’s just about meeting targets and teachers get fast track promotion if they fill out enough silly forms. It’s enough to put any kid off education and learning for good. And to scare of those teachers who really want to teach and are good at it.

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