Another bit of me shrivels

I’m shrivelling from reading the new proposals from the education minister. I initially had hope but now reckon she’s no better than Gove with a handbag after hearing yesterdays news on her intentions.

Read the report here.

These people have about as much insight into the needs of real people and real children as my dog. Actually, I think that’s maligning my dog; she seems to know when things aren’t right and is more attuned to human beings than those in Westminster appear to be.

Those in Westminster appear to have no idea what it is that human beings (and all those who live in the rest of the country) need in order to develop and learn.

How can they disregard the professionals, disregard research and disregard the growing body of people like home schoolers who are abandoning the schooling system because it stinks? Are they blind?

More tests and more rigorous academics is not the answer to helping children learn because these things don’t. Inspirational humans do. And even the idea of more ‘good’ teachers makes me cringe because their definition of ‘good’ refers to nothing humane, but is about how ‘good’ they are at forcing children to perform like robots churning out robotic results for the good of the establishment.

The answer is and always has been people with time to inspire and care.

Give any child a caring humane adult who can inspire them in their innate desire to learn and they will. Stop testing them then we can stop prescribing what they learn and their desire to learn won’t then be trashed as the system is doing. And give every teacher no more than ten kids and freedom to inspire them then those kids would probably flourish. Stop treating kids like a product in mega industry that’s to be moulded into industrial shape and we will have young people who have something individual and creative of benefit to the developing world.

As home educators are. Home educated kids are rarely tested yet they still get grades and develop into productive members of society. Testing is just a tragic waste of everyone’s time.

The educational system is designed for its own perpetuation and not for the good of real people.

If you look at every policy recently made that becomes glaringly obvious. The elite who make the decisions are perpetuating the elite. And trashing the education – and lives – of all the rest of the population in doing so.

And another bit of me shrivels at the blatant ignorance and arrogance of it.

16 thoughts on “Another bit of me shrivels

  1. Your anger is shining through here Ross. Thank you for conveying so elegantly what I feel unable to articulate. Keep writing!

  2. The more I hear the more I so want to withdraw from school both my son and me (I am a casual TA doing 1 hour a day at the moment!) . After hearing this and some issues with our son who is no longer being able to even concentrate on a story all the way through, not being able to listen to instructions, bad moods all the time among lots of other things at home – I have lost my happy child and it has only been this way since being at school. I wish I been brave enough to do what Mummy Tries has done at half term. At the moment we are still talking through home ed as a couple before we talk it over with our son but there are so many things I need to get my head around. Am I going to let down my son? Will we cope or just annoy each other all the time? I know in my heart of hearts I need to put my son first. Sorry for the rant. Even though not home eding at the moment I love reading your blog and agree so much with what you say.

    • Thanks so much for the compliments Morag. I can understand your trepidation. However, I cannot see how you would let your son down as you’ve said he’s already happy. And thousands of home educating families haven’t yet let their kids down! As for annoying each other all the time – everyone finds time and space when they need it and without the tensions school creates families often find they have even better relationships! And their children’s happiness returns. Of course home schooling has its challenges, but school does too – you’re never going to know which of those challenges are the worse until you try it. In fact, when home educating you can try many approaches until you find the ones that work best for you! Can’t say that happens in school! Some of the other home ed blogs in my list might give added reassurance too. All the best. x

  3. It’s not that they don’t understand it’s that the real aims of the system are not the nice, fuzzy, nurturing things that they tell the masses. That is simply NOT what schools are for. If you haven’t read any Gatto I strongly recommend it because once you understand the real purpose of school all these policy decisions make perfect sense. They only seem insane if you’re clinging to the lie of every child achieving their potential. And this isn’t a Tory evil, it’s built in, Labour were just as bad and when they next return to power they will be just as bad again because they are the ruling elite too!

  4. I congratulate you also for putting so succinctly what thousands of parents in this country must feel. I was so fortunate as to grow up and be schooled in Germany. Given the huge percentage of people who can neither read nor write in the UK, it should be obvious even to mentally challenged critters like politicians that the education system in Britain stinks. Why is this once great Britain being out-performed now by countries who only a few years ago would have been regarded as “developing”? Because those who did get an education leave Britain as fast as they can to take on academic and research jobs in other countries, leaving mostly unskilled and poorly educated people behind to do the dross work. I’ve been in this country since the mid-1980’s and the brain drain over that time has been considerable.

  5. It would appear that my gut instinct to not send my 6yo back after half term came at a good time!! Thank you Ross, you’ll be getting a huge mention on my blog when I write about it at the weekend. Hope you’re well 🙂

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