Try not to fuss and fret over the kids too much!

We have projects the children made all round the house still!

We have projects the children made all round the house still!

The hour may have changed but my inner clock hasn’t. I’m awake early and the day looms long.

So I start writing before anyone can grab me for attention. And I’m talking grown ups here; they can be nearly as demanding as when there were little people in the house.

What I used to do at that time was fetch a cuppa and slip back into the pre-dawn silence, before the children woke, to try and weave a few words together before my lovelies frayed them from ever having a cohesive sense.

This was often thwarted. For they had body clocks that woke desperately early despite whatever tactics we employed to alter it. It was like they had personal inner alarms for 6.30 am which transposed into 5.30 am when the clocks went back and took ages to readjust. The only consolation was that they slept soundly through the night.

Funny, then, when they become teens, there were times they didn’t see the morning at all and struggled to be out of bed by lunchtime. Of course not being in school, this was allowable, although not in the eyes of disapproving relatives who thought they should ‘fit‘ into the ‘real‘ world, (the definitions of both highly debatable), or they never would later on.

Such rubbish! They still grew into functioning working adults, who have principles and commitments to working routines many others seem to lack.

What was all the fuss and fret about, I wonder? Apart from others needing to make us all the same!

Everything always changes and whatever happens now, with children or grown-ups, never stays the same, routines and body clocks included.

So this is just a little reminder to you that if you’ve got youngsters that are challenging the core of you, hang in there and try not to worry; they won’t stay the same either!


4 thoughts on “Try not to fuss and fret over the kids too much!

  1. oh yes, this is totally us right now! Fretting over just about everything from our two having ‘too much’ to worrying they don’t have ‘enough’, trying to carve out some grown up time and so on. Very pleased to find such a comforting read right when I needed it, thank you for sharing this! x

    • Thanks so much for commenting. Sounds familiar – mum friends and I did exactly the same but be reassured to know it was such a waste; despite all those worrying things that happened they’ve all turned out absolutely fine!

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