Do you ever think about your values much?

004I’ve been writing some stuff about Values recently, although I suppose values are embedded here in everything I write really.

It’s just they’re not labelled as such or at the forefront of our thinking, so I’ve been giving them some focus.

They have been bandied about politics recently and the prime Minister has been going on about them – not that I listen to him often! And they’re also being implemented into the National Curriculum in schools.

So it’s started me questioning (doesn’t everything I hear you ask?).

The biggest question it’s thrown up is ‘what are they?’ What does it mean when we talk about values? What do we value? And what values do we actually uphold ourselves?

Big questions!

I’ve discovered as I’ve started writing about these things that they provoke even more, without many concrete answers.

But one conclusion I have come to during this valuable enquiry is that our values enhance our lives in innumerable ways we perhaps don’t realise – I didn’t.

And another thing I discovered is that you don’t have to be rich and famous to be worth anything, to make a huge contribution to the world, or to make your mark in your own small way.

Upholding your own special values can do that. And passing them onto your children.

I’m aiming to explore these ideas a lot more as I write, so I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, do chip into the conversation and tell me what you think. I love to read your comments and ideas.

Perhaps we’ll have better ideas than the Prime Minister who I suspect may be more focussed on votes than values.

But who am I to go devaluing him!


8 thoughts on “Do you ever think about your values much?

  1. Another thought provoking posts Ross! The answer in short is yes, I think of my values all the time, too much some days. Would I be happy for a one glove fits all set of values to be rammed down my kid’s throats at school? Holy moly no!!!

    The likelihood is that my eldest will not be returning after half term. Your books Learning Without School and A Funny Kind of Education have been massively inspiring. Thank you xx

    • Thank you so much for the compliments on the books! That’s lovely to know! And I love your remarks about ‘one glove fits all’ types of values. I agree; although we no doubt have values that overlap, I think they can only be useful if they’re personally considered as you say!

  2. Interesting. I have been thinking a lot about this too recently.It’s been interesting working out what mine are from noticing what is important to me and what my actions are and what feels good eg giving my children a choice on how they are educated, respecting their individuality and their choices (I’ve got one in school and one out!).

  3. No, I really don’t think about values as a topic. I know that they are not something that are he same for every family or even every person within a family so would feel very uncomfortable with schools teaching my child “values”. Luckily, my children aren’t in school but that in itself highlights my values. I value independence both in abilities (deciding what to learn) and in personality (expressing oneself through words, actions and appearance). These things were not allowed in school so we returned to home education. I am sure I have many values that I have never considered before which I hidden inside me and sneaking out without me even realising.

  4. I think you are right to write about values as sadly they seem to have gone amiss somewhat I feel particularly with this government – their values seem to simply be – if it don’t earn a buck, it’s worth squat! It’s so sad and so ultimately bad for the human race as a whole. Keep thrashing your message out please it is very much needed.

    • Thanks so much for your encouragement. I sense too that everything that doesn’t earn big bucks is undervalued politically – mums and the work they do being the best example!

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