Creating myself some sunshine – 6 ideas!

What a dismal lack of sunshine we’ve had this summer. I feel my smile disintegrating! The prospect of longer nights without that

Fun makes for a dark evening; tissue paper flower and bunting!

Fun makes for a dark evening; tissue paper flower and bunting!

normal recharge of rays is rather frightening, especially suffering from SAD. I can feel my mood becoming heavier already and it’s only October. I know that it affects kids and families too, although parents can sometimes forget to acknowledge that their kids need outside time and daylight.

I’ll just have to manage as best I can, I’m thinking, and try and create my own sunny lift! So I’ve been inventing ways to do that and am recording them here in case you need some ideas for the family too. Here’s what I’ve come up with – I’ll let you know what works:

  • Getting outside every day – no excuses – as even the dullest daylight makes a difference. Find ways and means; walk instead of bus, go to park, whatever.
  • Painting one room in the house orange or yellow. Ours is the kitchen – it’s orange and makes you feel brighter instantly.
  • Making tomato and lentil soup. Or carrot and sweet potato. or butternut squash. Using sunny veg!
  • Wearing something bight, or warm in colour and texture.
  • Achieving something new – always gives me a lift that, whether it’s changing the room round, making something, artwork, crafting, planting, whatever.
  • Calling up my sunniest friends for a chat and keeping the conversation positive and forward looking. Can be tricky!!

Got any more ideas you could share? Meanwhile, I’m wishing you sunshine in your day! O look – the sun just came out here! 🙂

12 thoughts on “Creating myself some sunshine – 6 ideas!

  1. I was replacing the bulb on my himalayan salt lamp last night and thought of this blog! I have had one on permanently during the daytime in the winter for the last few years, in a couple of rooms in the house where I spend alot of time. They really lift my mood on dark days! A good Christmas present idea!!

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  3. Adding more mirrors around the house to bounce and maximise the last light there is, can really help to boost your home. Then you have more spaces to hang with autumn and Christmas (when it gets here) decorations.
    Also, drinking plenty of water and going easy on the caffeine can make a massive difference to your mood too.

  4. This is spooky – it’s as if you’ve read my mind. I could feel my mood getting heavier and it can be pretty draining when it takes hold so I thought I’ve got to do something about this. Bingo! Your post popped up. Thank you.

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