The home education community constantly grows

Just had a great trip to meet a group of home educating parents in London. 20150630_155729

Although it might have been better if it wasn’t a heatwave in which to swap my usual breezy rurality for the big city. But it was worth the melting to meet more inspirational parents making different choices for their children’s education.

I met people just thinking about Home Ed and people who’d been doing it for years whose children had graduated into other life. I met parents with pre-schoolers and those with teens. Parents with children who’d never been to school and others who’d done both. There’s such a diversity of people who choose not to home educate for a diversity of reasons.

And it just seems that whatever age and whatever needs home education is catering for it all and this wonderful vibrant community is constantly growing. Both teachers and parents are reacting to the prescriptive systematic compression of our children that schooling is becoming and deciding there has to be a more pleasurable and inspiring way to learn and achieve.

There is!


4 thoughts on “The home education community constantly grows

  1. Hi Ross

    Just wanted to say a very big thank you for coming to visit us at the Log Cabin on Wednesday. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Jane and the girls.

    Any time you are back in London, please feel free to come along for another visit.

    Perhaps, when it’s not so hot though!

    Take care,
    Dawn Guler

    • Hi Dawn, what a lovely message – thank you! It was a pleasure to meet you all too and what great things going on there! All the very best to you and the group. And thank you for making us so welcome. xx

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