A humble thank you!

I’ve been so lucky recently. I’ve been invited to various groups of parents who have read my books and I have been made so welcome.

I’m completely humbled by your support and appreciation – humbled to know that people are even reading my stuff!

So many came up and thanked me for the reassurance and encouragement they find in my books and blog, but it also works the other way round. So I’m taking a moment to thank you for telling me.

For you’ve reassured me that my work is doing what I wanted it to do and worth going on with. You doubt that sometimes with writing being such a solitary workload. It’s heart-warming to know that I’ve helped a few folks find the courage to do what they want to do with their children’s education and try alternatives.

That’s what it’s always been about – encouraging people to think outside the mainstream and show that there are successful alternatives to school. School could never always be right for every child, just like one size or style of knickers couldn’t be right for every woman! It would be ridiculous to think they could be! We’re all different. And as well as all needing different knickers we all need different approaches to learning.

It’s been a delight to meet such inspiring parents. The warm support I’ve received is so uplifting.

And as if I wasn’t humbled enough by your lovely praise I go out to the car and it won’t start and a super bunch of supporters have to push me to get it going! Thank you to all of them. And, guess what? I was humbled again later to discover a massive chocolate stain down the front of my white top – I shouldn’t have been so greedy with the chocolate chip biscuits!

So however high we climb, and however much our differences, we are still all mere mortals you and I, who wear knickers and have food stains on their shirts. Now you know!

Thank you all, my treasured supporters, to all those who told me that they wouldn’t have rescued their child from a difficult situation in school if it hadn’t been for my work. Well – that works both ways – I wouldn’t go on writing without you!

Thank you again.

If you’d like us to come visit your group, get in touch with the publisher at Bird’s Nest Books.

4 thoughts on “A humble thank you!

  1. Even with a chocolate stain on your top – you are the tops – long may you continue helping children with their life choices, Actually, you could start a new fashion – what a brilliant excuse to get stuck in choccy biscuits.

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