The joy and the terror!

I thought galloping about on a massive uncontrollable horse was the most terrifying thing I’d ever do. spring15 016

Then I had children!

Becoming a parent is full of both joy and terror, when you become terrified of your sudden vulnerability through your children, especially as they begin to experience the challenges and dangers of the world beyond the safety of your nest.

But these days, as well as concern for my grown up girls, I face a new kind of terror on the cusp of releasing a new book.

Probably most people don’t realise this about writers; that the reason they write is because they love the world. They want to illustrate it, champion it, contribute to it, give support or entertainment, send out a message. My book; ‘A Funny Kind of Education’ was an attempt to do all those things.

The fear comes at the prospect of that attempt to offer some love being rejected, ridiculed, spurned, or not reaching its mark.

It’s a fear that writers face as real as leaving your child to school for the first time or the start of home educating. Although I have to admit that my fear of the former was by far the greatest; home educating seemed less scary than leaving our children in a system that for some is totally wrong.

As a writer, just like raising and educating children, you have no control of the outcome of all this, or what happens. You have to hand over to the world and wait the world’s response, either warmth or rejection of your babies or your baby book! Waiting on that response is terrifying.

So I’m a little reassured to read a couple of reviews by lovely supporters prior to its forthcoming release on 27th. You can read them here and here. But the best recommendation of all is their child wanting to read it over and over again.

I’m indebted to those children and families for putting my mind at rest. Gives me further courage.

Courage enough perhaps to leave my nest and maybe chat to some of you at forthcoming events we’re hoping to hold to celebrate it. The first is likely to be in the Peterborough area but there will be others. Date to be announced soon so sign up to this or the publisher’s website to hear when.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll understand the fears of writers a little better and will be kind to them. Just like children and parents and home educators they too need a bit of encouragement to overcome their fears!

2 thoughts on “The joy and the terror!

  1. I can totally identify with what you’ve said here Ross. I feel the same way having published my first book last year. I’ve just read the reviews and it sounds fab! If you need another reviewer I’d love to, no worries if you don’t though. Wishing you tons of luck xx

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