Not scary, honest!

I’m not scary honest! But judging by a couple of messages I’ve received lately some people obviously think I am. They’ve said that they needed to ‘pluck up courage’ to message me, usually to tell me how much they’ve enjoyed the books and blog! How lucky am I?

It’s so wonderful to have your messages of support. Please do go on plucking up courage!

I feel enormously grateful and humbled by people letting me know how I’ve helped or given them a giggle. Writing is such a shot in the dark, for I’m only guessing what I think might help and could get it so horribly wrong.

So to know I’ve hit the mark on occasion for some people some of the time is extremely rewarding. That is of course what I do it for, as well as putting a crust on the table. My primary aim has always been to offer a bit of encouragement and support to others, especially those who feel alone in doing things differently. Remember – you’re not! But I know what it feels like!

I also know, having done it myself, that the thought of home educating – or doing anything off the beaten track – can appear to be scary along with the people doing it! I remember looking at long term home educating parents and feeling daunted by the thought of going up and speaking to them. They must be so clever, so wise and brave and confident.

As if!

Guess what? We’re no different to anyone else. We’re just as scared and daunted and confidence? – goodness, few have confidence. We just do it anyway, like all parents do as they muddle through trying to do the best for their child.

And another revelation; you’re not the only one plucking up courage. Writers have to do that too. We’re always scared that we’re going to be found out as terrible frauds, because after all, we’re just ordinary people like you, who don’t really know if we can write or not. We’re afraid we’re going to laughed at or ridiculed. And it’s enormously daunting exposing yourself to public criticism as you have to do to get your work out there.

But we just have to try and get over that, for there’s no good wanting to help people if they can’t access that help and it’s that desire to support or inspire others that pushes us on. Like all those wonderful bloggers who offer so much too.

I write basically in support of others; writing is just the medium I use to offer it!

So you see, I’m just as cowardly underneath – hardly scary at all!

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