De-institutionalising mumhood!

Untitled-12 changedI can bore myself silly doing all this writing about education. I imagine I bore others too quite often!

It’s just I’m so passionate about it; passionate about raising children which is really what education is all about, although you wouldn’t think that from schooling.

Schooling schools children into institutionalised ways. Education should be so mind evolving it de-institutionalises youngsters so they can think in intelligent, questioning, entrepreneurial and diverse ways which develop their mind and their person.

It was my passion for children that drove me to do a mums’ book (see the page) and I just wanted to remind any new mums visiting here that it’s there for support. It’s a book to remind mums that they don’t have to do mumhood in an institutionalised way, just like we don’t have to do education in an institutionalised way.

You wouldn’t think that mumhood is institutionalised – you do it by yourself don’t you?

Not necessarily, it can be as constricted as schooling, conventionalised by traditions, ‘professionals’, perfectionist images, what everyone else is doing and whatever’s trending on social media. All extremely powerful influences that can control what you do, if you’re not careful.

We can be so conditioned to fit into the way we’ve been schooled to be mums that we don’t even notice it’s happening sometimes. We just get gut feelings that this doesn’t feel right, yet think we can’t be right so ignore ourselves, until we start to feel a bit wretched that we can’t seem to meet others’ expectations, our parents’ expectations, social trends or those on forums.

To counteract this we need to listen to our own intuition even if in perspective of advice, remember we are individuals who need to operate to our own circumstances – different from everyone else’s – in consideration of our own characters and those of our children. No two instances of mums and kids will be the same.

We need to make independent and considered choices and be the parents we need and want to be. And I hate to mention it again, but that’s where education comes in.

Our own education develops as we learn to become parents.

But, even more importantly, our children’s education BEGINS TOO. (I explain that further in the last piece in ‘Mumhood’)

That’s why being a mum is one of the most important things you will ever do. You are laying the first foundations and future groundwork of your child’s education. The first few years of being involved with your children is where education starts.

And that’s why mums are so valuable and it’s so important they are happy, doing their mothering the way they need to, however diverse and unschooled it may appear to others.

Some of the educational approaches home educators use may appear diverse and unschooled and unconventional. Yet these approaches develop young people who go on to lead intelligent, responsible, productive, social, independent lives. So those approaches work.

It doesn’t matter if you want to do your mothering your own way, it’ll work too. What’s important is to develop healthy happy children. And it is healthy happy mums who are more likely to do that.

You might like to read the book to find out why!

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