Muesli and Molehills!

Whilst I was eating my breakfast I watched the robin doing the same. robin 010

Mine was only muesli, but served up in my favourite bowl.

His was served up in a molehill which I couldn’t help observing looked the same consistency as the stuff I was eating even if a shade darker.

I like to pick my bowl with care. I’m not keen on crusty bits left over from ineffective washing up.

The robin clearly chose his molehill with the same discernment – knowing where the best breakfast was to be had. For suddenly the earth under his toes started to shuffle upwards and spill over as a mole pushed from underneath turning up a fresh living breakfast for the robin.

He gobbled down a grub and waited for the main course in the form of a succulent mini worm. I suddenly imagined a similarity in texture between it and the sultana I was chewing. At least my sultana wasn’t wriggling.

He bobbed about from molehill to molehill as I watched and chewed, absorbed in him, until my bowl was empty yet the robin was getting afters! How is this fair?

However his vibrant buffed up plumage brought a flash of delightful living warmth to what looked like a lifeless January morning.

And as I scrubbed my bowl of crusty bits it made me think of these natural soap operas going on around us every day if we just take a moment to observe and appreciate the world, so full of wonderful things.

Perhaps you can find your own to share with your kids today. And maybe have a discussion about who prefers their breakfast wriggling!

And don’t forget that next weekend is the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch and an opportunity to really observe your garden birds and get involved with valuable research.


6 thoughts on “Muesli and Molehills!

  1. I was on my way home from a long, tiring day yesterday and waiting for my (delayed) train when I realised that the odd silhouette on a branch of a tree behind the opposite platform was an owl! I watched it for as long as I could, and was quite disappointed when my train finally arrived and I had to leave. Little things like that make life so much more interesting 🙂

  2. I’m so envious that I did not see that – not you eating your muesli (not that I would object to seeing you scoffing your grub down) but the robin and the mole. Some of my happiest memories of Home Educating were watching nature with my son. Actually, even though he is now at college we still get out and do that together or watch from our windows. For those who are enjoying Home Educating their children at the moment, this is something that is an added bonus – your children will still want to do these activities with you when they are bigger than you.

  3. thank you for such a delightful post, the robins do seem exceptionally bright in my garden too at the moment. yesterday morning my 18th month grandson was sitting near the kitchen door in his chair having toast for breakfast and as I went out to feed the birds for him to watch, a little robin hopped on to the threshold and promptly saw crumbs alexander had dropped and started sharing his breakfast off the floor. if only I’d had video to catch the look of pure happiness on alexanders little face as he watched this little bird – it only lasted a minute or so before mr robin had his fill and hopped back out into the cold but what a precious start to our day 🙂

    • Many thanks for leaving your charming story Margy. The Robins do seem to enjoy the company and are clever enough to realise where the best pickings are to be had! Lovely to hear of your start to your day too! x

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