Creative solutions for January!

January and good old gales and rain.

Am I the only one who feels it’s a bit of a challenge to get through it? Especially when there’s a need, after maybe too much indulgence, to spend less, eat less and sit on backside less as well as endure the weather. I want to be a dormouse and hibernate. My inspiration seems already to have curled up and gone to sleep.

Seeing old things in new ways

Seeing the light

My daughter and I swap notes on how to get through it. We’re people who struggle with motivation at this time of the year especially when SAD kicks in. And both being involved with creative work this can be quite daunting.

‘We need some creative solutions’ I say as we chat on Skype. I know from experience, of both myself and them as children home educating, that creating or achieving something promotes energy and enthusiasm….if we can just crank ourselves up enough to find the light!

We’re both believers in creating answers to life’s challenges, rather than buying answers, which it’s easy to fall into the habit of doing. But making your own solutions gives you such a buzz.

She wants some new clothes – she’s going to create some with what’s already in the cupboards. I need a new diary – I’m going to invent a way of putting one together with whatever comes to hand. My study needs a bit of a makeover too. Again, that’ll be achieved with re-thinking old spaces and pieces rather than spending. I’ll make my mind do the work rather than money.

It’s not always possible to create solutions in this way. But once you get your head round that way of thinking it’s amazing what you can come up with, how much you can achieve, what resources you can save, what pennies you can keep in your purse and what rewards you can reap in that personal sense of achievement.

We will not be beaten down by January!

How about you – have you any ideas to share? I need as many as I can get! šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Creative solutions for January!

  1. I make my own diary by using a notebook (i always seem to have loads floating about the place) and writing in the dates myself – it works with any size notebook and you can customise it completely to the way you want to use it!

    • Thanks Rachel – I always use notebooks of sorts too as I hate lines and limitations of dates or page lengths! It’s funny how they tend to dictate how much you end up writing so an unlimited book is by far the best! I also like to stick other things in it. This year I’m trying to do little illustrations too so it’s going to be a bit of everything cobbled together! x

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