Glitter glue and a historic table top!

tattoo and glitter glue 003Nothing so Christmassy satisfying as Glitter Glue! So I bought some – just for me – to add to cards.

In the absence of small children I get the opportunity to use it all by myself – without interfering little hands wanting a squeeze – an unheard of luxury at one time.

Christmas cards aren’t complete without a bit of light catching sparkle. I love those nostalgic old fashioned snowy ones with sprinkles of it on tiles and trees and the kind of village streets Miss Marple would be walking through.

The snag with it I found over the years is that it sticks worse than glitter itself. I have remnants of it on jumpers I had when the girls were small and it still adorns our kitchen table.

Our table top is like a memory log of infant crafting. It has cuts and scrapes from various experiments, some not legit, it has various colours from wandering felt tips, holes from a good stabbing with a compass during a tantrum, rock hard PVA glue lumps and of course glitter glue.

More recently grown up additions have been added, there are burn marks and candle wax, hair dye and greasy cooking marks, permanent marker dots and of course even more glitter glue.

Come Christmas I’ll give it a good scrub. Or cover it with a holly patterned table cloth relatives have given me to try and make me a bit more of a decent hostess.

I’m not into that really and actually I love the table just as it is.

Written there in those scuffs and stains is a history of busy childhoods and a record of happy Home Educating days when I never actually saw the table top from one day to the next. When it was heaped with books and experiments, paper and card and paints, colours and concoctions even I didn’t recognise.

Table tops can be cleaned and tidied but happy memories – and glitter glue – will last forever.

Children don’t remember tidy or untidy, they remember instead a good time doing good stuff with mum and dad.

So I wish you a happy time creating a historic table top of your own.



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