Flipping 500!!

Flipping heck – my 5ooth post! I’d never have thought it!

...decided I look better out of focus!

…decided I look better out of focus!

I suppose having been here for five years and kept at it regularly it was bound to happen. Five years of championing parenting and children and mums and home educators and I still feel just as passionately about all that as I ever did. Actually it goes back a long way before five years.

But this isn’t meant to be about me. It’s about YOU; you my faithful followers.

This is a great opportunity to say a heartfelt THANK YOU! Thank you to all who’ve followed me so faithfully, who’ve taken time out of busy lives to leave me a comment, who’ve ‘Liked’ my posts and my Facebook Page, RT’d my tweets, who’ve left me lovely reviews on Amazon about my books and an especial thank you to all those who’ve even bought them. I SO APPRECIATE IT!

It’s hard to find words to tell you how much you have lifted me up. So this seems like a good time to express my heartfelt gratitude to all you wonderful people who’ve read my stuff and shown support.

You make it worth it. THANK YOU.

Thank you very, very much! x

6 thoughts on “Flipping 500!!

  1. This is why I admire you so much… your wonderful gift to think beyond yourself.
    The time we take, the money we spend can never compensate you enough for sharing your life enhancing views , knowledge and experiences.
    Thank YOU for still going strong at 500! Here’s to the next 500… bring them on.
    Feel the love Ross!!

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