Just a great big THANK YOU!

This post is really just a massive THANK YOU!

Thank you to all you kind and encouraging people who have sent me such lovely messages about my work, who have written me such warm reviews for my books on Amazon, who have visited and left comments on my blog and Liked my Facebook pagecafe books 005

These lovely efforts of yours do not go unnoticed, even if I don’t get round to responding and I want you to know they are IMMENSELY APPRECIATED!

So THANK YOU. I am so inspired by your support.

And not only does it support me, you support others too because every Like or comment or review spreads the ideas a little further afield, bringing it perhaps to the attention of those who might feel trapped in boundaries they would not otherwise be brave enough to step beyond – as many have told me it supported them!

So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! I feel incredibly blessed to be so supported.



2 thoughts on “Just a great big THANK YOU!

  1. Actually, Ross, thank YOU for all your brilliant work and supporting US home-edding families, holding our hands over the years, helping us keep the faith … and also your beautiful daughters, for sharing their lives and proving that home-edding IS the best thing ever! xx

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