What can you give back?

barley beautiful 003I’ve been outside staring at the beauty of the land so much I’ve not got another post done! I was standing looking at the soft evening light settling over the barley far more beautifully than this photo tells.

Then I realised that is another post; a post about appreciation of this glorious earth.

We could all do with appreciating that far more than we do. Even from the centre of a city and not surrounded by exquisite barley fields as I am, there is a need to take a moment to appreciate that under all that concrete still lies the earth.

The earth that provides every resource you could possibly need from food to the elements that make up the technology we’re so addicted to we miss seeing the natural world because we’re glued to screens!

And even if you cannot stand and stare as I do sometimes, you can instead channel your appreciation into the way you lead your life, the way you shop – or not. The way you waste, reuse, eat and drink, save or recycle, throwaway or make do.

And show your kids how to do the same, how to look after the earth which provides it. Your appreciation will in turn become theirs.

So maybe you can find your own bit of nature to stare at this weekend and appreciate what it gives. Then maybe think about ways your family can give back!

4 thoughts on “What can you give back?

  1. What a lovely reminder – even if it is just prompting me to go and have a look at the row of pot plants hanging from the balcony of our Taipei city apartment.
    In the middle of an urban jungle it is all to easy to forget how connected we actually are to nature and I appreciate the reminder.

  2. Here Here! Ross (as I stare at the garden in London and will it to be barley fields).
    Our washing machine locking mechanism broke 6 months ago with laundry trapped inside. I appreciate this invention hugely and wept at its malfunction. A girlfriend from Equador (where they make do and mend all the time thro necessity) helped me to fix it. The piece of dowel on fishing wire is still doing a grand job relinquishing the lovely fresh laundry to this day and I’m proud of it.
    This morning, after doing the dratted homework, I had exactly the same conversation with my 6 yr old about how EVERYTHING comes from the ground. I bring this item up every so often so he can literally “ground” his indoctrination into consumer society with a sense of responsibility and…. You said it…. Appreciation.
    Thank you
    (I can hear the barley swishing and smell the warm dusty haze even if the photo is as flat as a pancake)
    Have a great day

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