To stand and stare…

outdoorsMay2014 001Take a bank holiday to be still. Still for longer than a moment.

Or just walk and still your mind.

Go among the dew soaked stems or froth of cow parsley. Let damp petals filter down your wellie tops and wet growth sprinkle dew drops on your knees.

Or walk city streets before everyone’s awake and listen to the dawn chorus just as loud as it is in the country. Meander by a flowing river.

Go out and feel the soft touch of Spring winds or rain drops on new bared skin, breathe the scent it carries up your nostrils.

Take a bank holiday to be still. Whole orchestras of wildlife can be heard some of it even human.

Take some time to stand and stare and listen for longer than a moment. See what filters into your consciousness when your jet stream of busyness no longer pushes it aside.

Go for a wander away from the norm, away from daily conventions. Lie on your back and stare at the sky and think beyond yourself. Or turn on your tummy on grass and stare down among the stalks and observe the micro life beneath you.

Search out some buttercups – horticultural sunshine – and remind yourself how beautiful they are. Sit among plants and heal.

Take some time this bank holiday to stand and stare.

You will be changed.


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