The bitter sweet return

My two lovely ladies watching the street performers

My two lovely ladies watching the street performers

Always a bitter sweet return from holiday for me; the goodbyes to loved ones left and bye to whirligig of city. Hello to quieter working times again, greenery and four-legged friends who boycott you for being absent!

There’s an interval of motorway concentration while I digest it all. A spectacular sundown parries the descent of the dark, then headlights take over and you have to face the fact that’s the end of it. It’s back to routine for a while.

Journeys are an intermediate time to think.

We know as parents our children are fab, but when I haven’t been with them for a time it always stuns me to wordlessness to witness their elegance and energy, their surging lives and competences when back in their company.

And I continually marvel at the miracle of what a few little cells can so beautifully become.

Such is the wonder of growing people. Of raising people which is what all parents do. And what opportunities and delights all parents hold in their hands.

How could you not have respect for parenting when you think of it like that!


8 thoughts on “The bitter sweet return

  1. I feel you there, Ross. Just had Tamsin home for one night. She came and went in a whirlwind of energy, excitement, noise, laughter and sleepy cuddles. Beautiful souls, these kids. I wonder sometimes how the Dickens they came about…….

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