Can I go now?

I’m looking forward to another little break! My writing mind needs refreshing.

derbyshire.bluebells 052Last bank holiday I walked round a bluebell wood with a friend – we know the places off the beaten track. I like to breathe in quiet, observe and wander and were spoiled with having the place nearly to ourselves.

The pale underwear of branches was covering itself in fresh new finery. The ground was covered in blue and the ceiling covered in birdsong. And the scent was of damp woodland floors warmed by flushes of sunshine and rejoicing flowers.

It was so deliciously quiet you could identify a bird singing in another part of the wood.

This time I’m doing a cultural reverse and joining the crowds down South, seeing some festival delights and the even nicer delight of my eldest in the play Gilead.

My ears and eyes might have to adjust a little but I revel in the change; the stimulation of other sights more gaudy than spring trees and bluebells, the clash of street music and performance and loud and happy people, the sun-kissed murmur of picnickers and the smell of hot dogs – the furry kind. There’ll be the rattle of pebbles in the waves and the hum of crowds in city lanes.

Then I’ll come back again even more confused about which feeds the soul the most.

But I know the answer to that already; it’s contrast.

It is both the crush of crowds and solitude, the clash of noise and silence, both the city and the spaces, and most important of all some loving company forever in the mix!

Back soon!

2 thoughts on “Can I go now?

  1. Your writing is beautiful, Ross! However, experiencing the change from a calm atmosphere to a rowdy one is very important in appreciating the pros and cons of both. I speak from experience following our relocation experiment. I haven’t felt I can write about it yet because of the state of flux we are still in as a result.

    I look forward to reading about it…

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