Learning from renewed enthusiasm

The train filled up with children. And there was me congratulating myself on a quiet carriage for my journey back!

I was pinned in a corner by effervescent excitement and smiley faces. They were out on a school trip and their excitement bubbled round the train. You couldn’t help but be infected, unless you’re one of those dour souls who have no patience with children’s awe in life…like most of the other passengers. Those that didn’t have ear plugs in anyway.

But I love kids and I love their awe.

Nothing gets their awe and wonder fired up more than trips away from the norm. Trips out away from the stagnation of everyday routine fires their enthusiasm and motivation, builds skills and increases intelligence with the stimulation of it, develops their social awareness and conversation. Does the same for adults too!

They gabbled away with bursting enjoyment and I’m afraid I was earwigging. I so love to hear them. You can learn so much from kids, even though many adults think it’s only ever the other way round. I’m much more clued up on mobile phones now and which one’s trendy. Mine isn’t.

I know I also learn from getting away from a constipated routine. We all do – although it’s hard to fit it in sometimes.

At one point a mini fight broke out between two kids trying to snatch a pen off each other. But a friend butted in to call them to stop out of consideration for other passengers. Then the little chap turns to me and apologises for his friends’ disturbance. Twice! I think my face was shocked from the nobleness of his apology and must have looked all serious. (I do that when I’m thinking!) I grinned at him and said it was no problem. He grinned back. The chatter continued, more relaxed this time – now they knew I was maybe a bit understanding.

Several stops later they all got up to go. The ones on my seat looked at me and said goodbye with a smile and a wave of hand.

How nice was that! A simple life-skill.

How often do you get fellow adult passengers make eye contact with you or saying goodbye? Maybe we should try it more.

Yep – we can always learn so much from kids! Peace restored I had plenty of time to think about that as I journeyed home. And I thought I’d post about it and ask; what have you learned from kids lately?

I learned that I need to lighten up and get back to looking at the world with renewed wonder and awe! And an open mind. Nothing like a break away, and sometimes even a bunch of kids, to help you do that.


4 thoughts on “Learning from renewed enthusiasm

  1. Hey Ross, glad you got to enjoy some time away. Kids are so energetic, aren’t they; just imagine if that could be bottled and sold — the energy, not the kids 😉 — I’d stockpile like there was no tomorrow!

    That’s a good thing to remember, to look at the world with renewed wonder and awe. What I tend to pick up from my boys is to ‘live in the moment’; I usually spend too much time looking ahead and worrying, I find that I’ve missed out on the fantastic of the here and now.

  2. what a wonderful journey. The enthusiasm of children feeds me with energy. While I read your lovely article, I was there on the journey with you. What a fabby gift for a Monday morning. Thank you.

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