Moved to tears…

I might cry! I had such a beautiful comment by mammajai about my newest book ‘Mumhood. How to handle it. Why it matters’ I was nearly moved to tears! (Read it here)

People who don’t write won’t know why it makes such a difference. It makes a difference because, although it’s commonly thought that writers have a very glamorous and easy life, the real scenario for most is that you sit in complete isolation, force yourself to climb the enormous mountain of getting thousands and thousands of words down on paper, bite down the self doubt with no idea whether you’re just wasting your time till the task is done probably a year later. So to know that you haven’t wasted your time is enormously heartening!

Thank you to all those who’ve sent me kind comments. I want you to know how much I appreciate it and how it moves me.

Especially as the whole reason I wrote Mumhood was to move others!

Firstly, motherhood (like writing!) can be a completely overwhelming experience, often isolating, certainly bewildering with all the decisions you have to make, definitely life changing, and I think few appreciate that. So I wanted to move people to understand that.

Secondly, I wanted to support all those mums in the job they do; from those who weren’t getting any to those who maybe don’t have a partner, their own mum, or family member around to give them support and pass on wisdom and ways they could handle it to make their life as smooth as possible. I just wanted to send all mums a bit of love and support. Mums give out love with such fervour and selflessness – they need plenty back again.

Thirdly, I also wanted to change a few minds. So many people have such fixed ideas about what mums should be doing, fixed ideas about parenting, often traditional and rigid ideas that may not work for everyone, especially about a mother’s role. I’m not knocking traditional – if it works. Trouble is, when it doesn’t, we can feel stuck with it and unable to launch into something different if we need to. I want to encourage mums to make choices about the way they want to be and the mum they want to be, despite traditions and current trends, cultures and social media!

And finally, I wanted to make sure mums know their worth. Mums are raising new human beings and those human beings are going to make a difference in the world and that’s important to understand. It’s so easy to forget that children aren’t children forever; we’re raising new adults, adults who will need to take on care and responsibility towards each other, towards the planet, and make their own special contribution. The way these children turn out starts right from mums (and dads) being there with their kids, giving them a demonstration of a caring, responsible human so the kids know how to do it when their turn comes. Mums are educating their children – raising children is educating them – right from birth. That is the vital work that mums do. And I wanted to move people to appreciate that enormous worth.

Whether I’m writing about mums, mothering, raising children, learning, parenting or home education in the end it all amounts to the same thing: the worth of the work parents do.

And that lovely comment showed me there’s some worth to what I do. I am grateful almost beyond words for knowing that. Thank you – you know who you are!

If anyone else reads my books and thinks they’re worth commenting on, do post a review on Amazon because this helps others find the book too and receive the help they might need.

Which is exactly what I do it for! You have my heartfelt thanks.

(Check out this page for details)


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