Beyond mummy-moon; the wonders of graduated parenting

Reading this blog you’ll have guessed I’m an ‘older’ mum. Not older as in started older, but older as I’m a parent of older children now. My parenting has graduated and is no longer at that lovely first flush of baby honeymoon. If it was I wouldn’t have felt qualified to write my newest book ‘Mumhood’, because when you’re first swamped in the wonder of mother honeymoon it’s hard to be that objective.

I know that mummy-moon doesn’t describe it for everyone, but for me it was totally, completely, mind-body-and-heart-wrenchingly love at first baby sight. Twice! And although that doesn’t stay the same – just as well as there’s lots to be done as well as croon over a baby – it grows with the children into something richer, deeper, more steadfast perhaps, but still as strong.

As time goes by you grow into ripe and settled love.

And it’s just as beautiful; older parenting as well as baby parenting. I wanted to tell you that because it’s not talked about much.

Babies, new mums, toddler lives and infant times get talked and written about loads. But life with teens and life with grown up young people, who may be independent but you’re still connected to, hardly ever gets mentioned as if no one was interested any more. Or like you weren’t a parent anymore and didn’t have just as many concerns – and just as much love!

This time of older parenting has just as many heart wrenches, most particularly since you can no longer hold them in your safety net like you used to. But adjustments are made and it’s just as heart-lifting, your parenting still remains full of love and as connected as you want it to be. Babies are beautiful, toddlers are beautiful, tweenies and teens are beautiful and young emerging adults are beautiful too – actually they’re totally awesome.

And I just wanted you to know, if you’re at that stage of having lovely little ones around, what you’ve got to look forward to.

Meanwhile, cherish the here and now!

(Read lots more about how to overcome the challenges of being a mum and tips on early parenting in ‘Mumhood. How to handle it. Why it matters’. See the page for details and extracts).


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