A wonderful ‘Workbook’

blog post 002 If there’s one ‘workbook’ you buy your older kids then let it be this one!

Put aside conventional workbooks with tedious academic exercises. Forget paper practise of English and Maths; those skills will grow with your child’s natural experience and exploration and real, relevant use.

Forget tests and check sheets and useless predictions based upon them. You can never accurately predict outcomes because with kids – you never know what’s going to happen. They are all different, grow differently from predicable, and all their personalities will develop in different ways. Obvious really, so why try and confine them in predictions – there is no ‘should’ when it comes to personality development. Or therefore educational development because it depends on it.

Forget the National Curriculum. It inhibits learning as much as informs it; make the list on page 5 of this book your curriculum instead. (See it on Amazon in ‘Look inside’) But do invest – it’s worth it! For you as well as the kids – it’ll open your mind to new ways of seeing! New ways of learning.

And it will fire your kids up to explore their world. To observe, document and investigate – as it says. To analyse and interpret and research. To consider, discuss and communicate with it. Because the world is what education is fundamentally about. And these are some of the essential skills needed to understand it.

This way your children will learn about their world and be inspired by it. And this is all the natural motivation they will need to progress into it in meaningful and productive ways, find their own place in it through meaningful and productive activities. And move towards meaningful, happy lives.

Forget curriculum and ‘workbooks’ and get exploring instead!

And thank you to Keri Smith for a fabulous book!

10 thoughts on “A wonderful ‘Workbook’

  1. Oh wow! This is fantastic!! And quite affordable too. Thanks for highlighting it, Ross. I’ve got Keri Smith’s ‘Living Out Loud’ book and it’s wonderful for getting the creative juices flowing and encouraging you to just have fun 😀

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