Raise a Wild Thing!

Project Wild Thing

Want to know about one of the greatest free facilities for the development, entertainment and education of our children? Pop over here  projectwildthing.com and watch their film.

I was worried it was just me harping on about getting the kids outside! But Project Wild Thing endorses everything I believe. Most particularly that our kids are only having half an education and half a life if they’re spending all their time either in school, inside, or in front of a virtual life.

Not only that but the way they are connected to the earth will change attitudes to the earth; that it is not just a resource centre there for the taking. We have made it too easy to disconnect from anything muddy, cold or inconvenient thereby disconnecting our understanding and care of the planet and our relation to it. We don’t just have relationships with each other you know!

So, enhance their education, give your kids their wildness back and go outside – even urban outdoors will do. You may also find that some of their indoor wildness is calmed. And spirits and health will soar and buzz.

Go on…..get all your coats on!

6 thoughts on “Raise a Wild Thing!

  1. My son has been raised to have a ‘wild’ side and an appreciation of outdoors and nature. Since he started reception class, he has been told ‘ooh, its yucky out there’ when it was lightly drizzling. ( English politeness and reserve from the school receptionist ), faced with cones sectioning off a puddle in the playground that he wanted to splash in, had his outdoor supposedly free-flow environment reduced down to a timed 15 minute break after the first term, had 40 minutes of large screen watching time of Charlie and Lola x 2, TV at ‘wet break’ and access to games on laptops for the first time ever in his life within the first few minutes of starting his school life. I have been told that they will be issued with i-pads in year 1. They were also made to start changing for ‘PE’ lessons after just 2 weeks. WHY? Why do they need to go through the rigamarole of changing, after already having a battle against time to get changed at home, then to get changed back into his school clothes for what amounts to 15 minutes of throwing bean bags around, to then come home and get changed out of school clothes, then later changed again into pyjamas! Why not just let them be, go to school in their own clothes, and run around for longer outside come rain or shine!! His class teacher tells me he is a ‘sensory’ learner…..( of course I already knew about and nurtured that tendency, after all, he is a child, and children are naturally like this), didn’t listen to instructions at carpet time ( when they are made to keep still for 30 minutes ), and wanted to carry on playing after the whistle had blown and was being asked to sit in a single line on the wall. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! HE IS ONLY 4. This is where it all starts unfortunately. I feel like most of my hard work in giving my children a freer childhood gets slowly unpicked from hereon in!!

    • Goodness Lisa! That sounds very frustrating both for you and your son – seems so pointless a lot of it doesn’t it! I feel for you, but really appreciate you leaving your story. All the best – hope it all improves soon. x

  2. I love this! It’s so true. It’s so sad that children don’t get to spend much time outside, that was one of the things my son hated about school. He hated sitting still and being inside! I can totally see why children are drawn to virtual worlds because they are looking for adventure and exploration that they often don’t get the freedom to do in the real world anymore for so many reasons. We get outside most days now we are learning at home and I love how happy it makes them 🙂

  3. I completely agree. Project Wild Thing is a wonderful film and it’s about time we got our children back out into nature. I recently that more children today break their arm falling out of bed falling out of a tree because so many parents are worried about the so-called dangers of the outdoors: the dirt, the germs, the cold. It really is ridiculous. Nature fills us with energy, it helps to develop literacy, lets us feel happy. Our world is beautiful and we need to be out there enjoying it. My son and I regularly attended a local wood school, which unfortunately stopped running just before Christmas. A home ed friend is training as a forest school practitioner and her wood school will open shortly. We can’t wait! But in the meantime, we spend as much time as possible jumping in puddles, making dens, walking and admiring all that the world has to offer us.

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