Get out – they’ll learn a lot more!

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Examine the world – discuss the world

We’ve got a beautiful morning here. A bit chilly maybe but nothing we can’t wrap up against.

It’s just the sort of morning that, when the children were younger and we were home educating, we’d have got layers on and gone outside. We’d go out and learn about the real world through real exposure to it, rather than learning about it through academic or virtual exposure.

Getting your kids out in the world makes an essential contribution to their development and impacts on their learning whether home schooling or not and is an essential part of their education.

Just something as simple as a walk gives you and the kids so much – even if it’s just walking to the shop:

  • It changes moods and minds. Being stuck inside and often inactive, as kids increasingly are, leaves a residue of pent up tension. Getting up and getting out makes your blood surge, irritations diminish, lifts spirits and can improve aggravated relationships.
  •  The physical activity also promotes brain activity which in turn enhances brain function as much as mental exercise. In fact, physical activity is essential for brain health.
  •  And while you’re moving it’s an opportunity to develop many of those mental skills which enhance their education by observing and discussing, questioning and analysing what you see, hypothesising and imagining, just through chatting as you go. This develops an inquiring mind – the precursor to an educated mind.
  • And you can do all that just through talking about what you see and experience on your way, whether that’s about the kinds of trees and plants you see – there being as many in towns and cities as rural areas, the environment, the buildings, or the food in the supermarket; where it comes from or the basis of good nutrition. Talking is a valuable tool for brain exercise and language development.
  •  And the children nearly always return refreshed and content and better able to settle into indoor activities much more relaxed. You might too!

So why not get layered up and take your child’s education out into the world, examine your world, interact with it and engage with it, even if only by having a conversation with the people at the bus stop.

Education is after all about the children learning about their world and how to be in their world. The best place to do that starts outside your door!


4 thoughts on “Get out – they’ll learn a lot more!

  1. This is something I’ve been realising for myself lately. For the first term of this academic year I was cycling to university, so I’d have half an hour of exercise before lectures and half an hour after. The weather has been too wet for it to be safe lately and I’ve found myself missing the exercise (although there’s still a short walk from the train station). Most weekends I get a sudden impulse to go for a walk, which is radically new for me! I’ve yet to read anything about home education which doesn’t equally apply to my own adult education… which I’d say is proof that it works!

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