Imagination: The brighter side of budgeting!!

charley and beanie 006Christmas over, belly bulging over waistbands, present-buying binge finished, back to budget now.

It’s a bit of a gloomy prospect that – on first thought.

But on second thoughts, budget doesn’t have to be like that if we look at it differently. We can instead look at it as a pro-active way of organising our resources to our best advantage. What could be better than that!

I was thinking that being on a budget doesn’t mean that we have to be on a downer if we look at it like this. So many things we treasure are free anyway – love, for a start. We don’t have to budget our love. Nor our best friends. Or some of the beauties nature gives us. Nor learning about the whole range of resourceful ideas like on Superscrimpers. Don’t let your budgeting mind spill over into everything – we can still feel the riches in other parts of life.

Just because we’re tightening our belts doesn’t mean we have to tighten our attitude – we can expand our attitude – we can be generous – we can swap skills with others offering to do something for them in return for something we need help with. This is the fundamental idea behind the justfortheloveofit website and creates the community spirit we sometimes miss.

Budgeting also helps you grow as you get to exercise your little grey cells and become more creative and resourceful; it’s a great exercise in creativity.

Budgeting doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you love – it just means that you have to start thinking differently and creating the means yourself, in entrepreneurial ways. Creating something by your own means fulfils you in ways that shopping can’t. For example;

–          Next time you think of buying something, rethink whether you really need it. Instead, create new ways to use what you already have.

–          You can create a new room by changing round the one you have, looking round the house and seeing what else you can use where.

–          You can create new meals with basic ingredients that cost far less than Take Aways – there’s some fab websites that help. Here’s one for a start.

–          You can create social occasions with a great group of friends that can cost nothing as you rotate the venue round each others’ houses.

–          Make using your imagination more important than using your credit card – that’s a great exercise for the kids too. An important life-skill.

–          And forget gym/swimming/class fees – exercise for free outside and show the children how important it is and reconnect them with the earth and the air.

And what is even better about buying less as you’re budgeting is that it also means that you are saving the earth more. As the more you buy the more you pollute through industry and waste.

So look on the bright side of budgeting and see where it takes you. I’m hoping it’s going to help me take my bulging tummy down and creativity and fulfilment up!


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