Christmas wishes

xmas 13 004 What do I want for Christmas?

I’ve had the best present already; I’ve had the girls come home! So there’s not really anything more that I could wish for. I have the luxury of a warm, safe, home (weather permitting!) and the people I really love filling it with me. I am a lucky girl!

But looking outside my own little world, what I would wish for would be warm hearts, the wisdom of open minds and an all-pervasive empathy and understanding in all beings, so they have the grace to live in peace with one another.

And to everyone to act with no other agenda than with love!

Wishing you a warm and love filled Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Christmas wishes

  1. Eloquently put, as always, Ross. So glad you have your family with you, as I have mine with me 😀 Wishing you a very happy, peaceful, joy-filled Christmas and only the very best for the New Year. Keep safe in this wild and woolly weather!! xx

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