How Twilight changed my Christmas!

nature's tinsel

nature’s tinsel

As the sun shines across the winter landscape there is something uniquely detoxing about being out there away from the commercial Christmas hype.

None of that matters as the sun lowers, leaving the sky charged with purple, and the one bright star that always hung above the field shelter at this time of year comes into its own at twilight.

I’ve never been a lover of Christmas hype. Thanks to social media and television it seems to get worse each year.

I’ve never been in awe of celebrity either. I’m in awe of people who do great things, however small or unknown; mums spring to mind! But also great athletes, artists, charity workers or just the unsung, who work and care for others in quiet ways, not just to make themselves look good or to plaster it round Facebook.

There’s a pub close to my brother’s house where we used to go at Christmas for a festive drink with a nice bunch of people. Now we can’t get in the door for the Posers. This is because it is also the pub where one of the celebs from the film Twilight drinks, also having come home to family. And thanks to social media it has made being there worse than the grubbiest scrum on a rugby pitch, frequented by people more in love with themselves and being able to rub shoulders with celebrity than anything Christmassy. So we’ve given up going.

And this year I will instead indulge in the natural tinsel of the frost and the real Christmas twilight full of stars and quiet, cool clear air and a warm house to return to full of sincere family love!

4 thoughts on “How Twilight changed my Christmas!

  1. I detest the commercial nonsense at this time of year as well. We don’t go to the high street shopping as we use the Internet. I seeit as a huge waste of our precious time. My kids ask for one gift each when they write to Santa because they know that the presents are only a part of the day. They love being together, munching dinner with us, playing together and strolling about in the afternoon. It is about family.

    Have a lovely Christmas Ross.

  2. Hey – I’ve found out how to comment since I changed over to Chrome – I’m back – wow. Sorry, it’s just I’ve had my kecks in a twist but now they seem to be sorted. I’m a cutting the holly sort of person and I love a regular ghost story by the fire read under candlelight – no celebs about whatsoever.

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